100 Greatest Beatles Songs

100 Greatest Beatles Songs

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64. 'I've Got a Feeling'

Writers: McCartney-Lennon
Recorded: January 22-24, 27 and 28, February 5, 1969
Released: May 18, 1970
Not released as a single

"I've Got a Feeling" was Lennon and McCartney's last great moment as a songwriting team, and the final major Beatles song that sounded like a true collaboration. Both contributed fragments that fit together perfectly: The song's body ("I've got a feeling/A feeling deep inside") is sung by McCartney, but Lennon takes over for the "Everybody had a hard year" section, which came out of a song he had written a few months earlier.

It had been a hard year for the Beatles; they were falling apart as a band and as a business concern. But during their rooftop performance of "I've Got a Feeling" — filmed for the Let It Be movie, just days after they had recorded the song — you can hear their excitement as they move into the future. Lennon and McCartney sing about their newfound relationships, as they entered the next phase of their lives with Yoko Ono and Linda Eastman. Yet you can also hear a trace of remorse, as if they already understood that from now on, these longtime friends and bandmates would be leading separate lives.

Appears On: Let It Be

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