100 Best Albums of the 2000s

100 Best Albums of the 2000s

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The Killers, 'Hot Fuss'

43. The Killers, 'Hot Fuss'

So what if they were from Vegas, not the U.K., and the year was 2004, not 1983? The Killers were determined to be Duran Duran anyway. Hot Fuss was a blast: Irresistible synth-bolstered grooves and lyrics about sex, dancing, jealousy and gender-bending, blasted out by Brandon Flowers in the world's greatest bad British accent. A couple of years later, Flowers would develop a Springsteen fixation and a preposterous mustache. But Hot Fuss was the Killers at their sleazy best, singing about boyfriends who look like girlfriends, and dragging dance rock from the hipster fringes back to the down-and-dirty mainstream.


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