10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2015

Maluma, Dilly Dally, Dawin and more

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Sounds Like: Quadratic equation rock performed by malfunctioning, sputtering appliances

For Fans of: Oxes, Bellini, Guerilla Toss

Why You Should Pay Attention: Like a Beefheart made for loft shows, Philadelphia-based fractal-rock quartet Palm's sounds improvisational while being rooted in utter precision. On their debut, Trading Basics, guitar parts deconstruct themselves in real time; bass lines dart and duck; drums propel the action while also seeming to comment on it. Vocalist-guitarists Eve Alpert and Kasra Kurt's vocal harmonies add more tension to this outfit's heady mix. Palm are wrapping up a nationwide tour and are already preparing to head back into the studio and record album Number Two.

They Say: "For the most part, our music starts with a seed, and then we all come together and add our own elements to it," says Alpert. "It's important that we're all doing something, that the song is all of our parts. A lot of times, we like when the rhythm section takes the foreground of a song. We like to deconstruct what a pop song could be, and we like to be pretty jagged in our sound."

Hear for Yourself: The lurching, churning "Garden" shows off Palm's ability to create gorgeously realized chaos from ragged pieces. Maura Johnston

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