10 New Artists You Need to Know: November 2014

Meet the rising stars of rock, EDM, hip-hop and more acts shaping your tomorrow

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Aris Jerome9/10


Sounds Like: Swamp-rock stomp electrified by the caterwaul of lead singer (and band namesake) Dorothy Martin.

For Fans of: Led Zeppelin, Black Mountain, Deap Vally, Fireball chasers

Why You Should Pay Attention: The debut EP by this Los Angeles outfit (released as a free download by the headphone company Skullcandy) is menacing and electric, with Dorothy's vocals — which bring to mind the ear-bending acrobatics of Janis Joplin and Robert Plant — lighting the way through a bog of muddy riffs and bone-shaking beats. This month, the band has been honing its live show at Los Angeles' Bootleg Theater, where they've set up shop every Monday night. "You really get the full energy from everybody, because they put their heart and soul into the performance," says Dorothy. "It's more loose; it's not going to be exactly like the record. There's a lot of energy and vibe."

They Say: "Basically, we want to make songs that we think Beavis and Butt-head would like," Martin declares. "When we heard Dorothy's voice, we were like, 'Holy shit — if we put this behind some serious old-school metal riffs, we'll have something big,'" adds guitarist Mark Jackson. "A lot of the [recordings don't] have live drums, just huge kick drums and claps and stuff. It sounded so cool when we did it, just having that fat bottom of old-school hip-hop records with metal guitars [playing] really simple riffs. [We're taking] this back to AC/DC or Sabbath —just one guitar, one bass, and drums and bad-ass vocals."

Hear for Yourself: The clip for "After Midnight" shows how Dorothy flings herself into her performances (and shows how to effectively pair a vintage rock tee with a fur). By Maura Johnston

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