10 Best Things We Saw at Neil Fest

Latest Best Fest event featured stars and unknowns paying eclectic tribute to Neil Young

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Best Deep Track: Norah Jones'
Nicole Fara Silver10/10

Best Deep Track: Norah Jones' "Don't Be Denied"

Neil Fest focused almost exclusively on Young's Seventies discography, with albums like HarvestAfter the Gold Rush and On the Beach receiving the most attention throughout the night. But one of Sunday's biggest highlights came late, when Sasha Dobson, Jillette Johnson and Norah Jones, who sang lovely backup vocals throughout both shows as part of the house band, took center stage for a gorgeous version of "Don't Be Denied" from Young's oft-mythologized 1973 live album, Time Fades Away. Jones, who has covered countless Young songs throughout her career, led the way on the autobiographical song, taking the first and last verses during the perfectly executed performance.