10 Best 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches From Season 41

From Presidential impersonations to one masterpiece of a game-show sketch, our top 'SNL' picks from last season

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6. 'Hilary Clinton Bar Talk'

Let's take a moment to recognize how incredible Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton has been over the past year and some change — she plays the Presidential hopeful as a combination of impatience, brittle entitlement and pure forward-momentum ambition ("Why won't the people let me lead? Just give me the hammer and the nails and I'll fix it aaaallllll!") without making her a one-note caricature. And as an SNL cameo has become a de facto campaign stop now, assuming the show does not have the candidate on as a full-on host, we knew that Ms. H.R. Clinton would be dropping by eventually. But having the faux-Hillary and the real one — playing a bartender named Val — talk shop over "a scalding hot vodka" could not have been a better set-up. Kudos to our potntial future POTUS for gamely playing along. And also, this exchange:

Clinton-as-Val: "It really is great how long you've supported gay marriage."

McKinnon-as-Hilary: "Yes. I ... I could've supported it sooner."

Clinton-as-Val: "Well, you did it pretty soon."

McKinnon-as-Hilary: [staring right as Clinton] "Coulda been sooner."

We're stumping now: Kate McKinnon for President, 2020.

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