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  • 'Valleujah' by Goodie Mob - Free MP3

    August 27, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: Goodie MobSong: "Valleujah" Album: Age Against The Machine "The song 'Valleujah' was my depiction of what the music industry has become, a popularity contest that only deals the destruction of the young," Goodie Mob tells Rolling Stone.  | More »

  • 'Shine Shine' by Todd Herfindal - Free MP3

    August 26, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: Todd HerfindalSong: "Shine Shine" Album: Right Here Now "One review said the song is an 'environmental anthem.' That's only part of the picture," Todd Herfindal tells Rolling Stone. "It's more like an anthem for the people, maybe about how the world can get better when each one of us truly shines. If that's too deep, then let's call it an anthem about ridin'-with-my-homies and poppin'-bottles-at-the-club. You decide."  | More »

  • 'Turn It Up' by Factory Floor - Free MP3

    August 23, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: Factory FloorSong: "Turn It Up"Album: Factory Floor "Sometimes it's the empty spaces that give the shape to what we are doing, like a silhouette. We consciously wanted to explore that with this track," Factory Floor's Dominic Butler told Rolling Stone.  | More »

  • 'King Rope' by The Cloak Ox feat Tunde Adebimpe - Free MP3

    August 22, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: The Cloak Ox feat. Tunde AdebimpeSong: "King Rope" Album: Shoot the Dog "This song was written partially after taking two separate, but equally revelatory litter-strewn strolls: one in Zurich, the other on St. Paul's East Side," The Cloak Ox's Andrew Broder tells Rolling Stone. "It's a song about freedom, bondage, freedom from bondage and freedom in bondage, with multiple narrators asking themselves, in the prophetic words of Mr. David Byrne, 'Well... How did I ge...  | More »

  • 'Wild' by Loves It - Free MP3

    August 21, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: Loves ItSong: "Wild" Album: All We Are "The song is about fighting with a lover who is distant and freedom seeking, and just saying to them 'The heck with this fighting crap, let's just take off and conquer the world together as a team,'" Loves It's Jenny Parrott tells Rolling Stone.  | More »

  • 'Dreaming #26' by The Lawsuits - Free MP3

    August 20, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: The LawsuitsSong: "Dreaming #26"Album: Cool Cool Cool "'Dreaming #26' focuses on an artist dealing with their love of creation, as well as their love for another being," The Lawsuits' Brian Dale Allen Strouse tells Rolling Stone. "There never feels like enough time to satisfy both. It's a struggle trying to engage and nurture the creativity one feels internally without letting day to day responsibilities slip through the cracks. So, it seems fitting that the song&...  | More »

  • Taylor Swift Duets With Sara Bareilles, Cher Lloyd at L.A. Opening

    August 19, 2013 6:05 PM ET
     |  Chris Willman

    Every time Taylor Swift is in the audience at an awards show, directors love cutting away to her during other artists' performances, because she's mouthing the words to everyone else's songs. She's as much a superfan as superstar. Monday night, she got to play both gracious hostess and humble pop devotee as she brought out Cher Lloyd and Sara Bareilles as special guests during the opening of her sold-out four-night stand at L.A.'s Staples Center. As usual, rather tha...  | More »

  • 'Blind' by Capsula - Free MP3

    August 19, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: CapsulaSong: "Blind" Album: Solar Secrets "For 'Blind,' we fell in love with Motown rhythms meeting dark sounds and psychedelic guitar riffs all over again and again with tons of reverb and tape echo," Capsula's Coni Duchess tells Rolling Stone. "We recorded the vocals together thinking of a nightmare coming from The Vandelles.  It's a sad love story."  | More »

  • 'Baby Loses Her Mind' by Josh Berwanger - Free MP3

    August 16, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: Josh BerwangerSong: "Baby Loses Her Mind" "'Baby Loses Her Mind' is about all the crazy girls with whom I have had relationships, ­or maybe they are sane and I'm crazy?" Josh Berwanger tells Rolling Stone. "It was recorded in the mountains of Sedalia, Colo. and Jim Macpherson of The Breeders and GBV plays drums on it. I've been such a huge fan of Jim and it was an honor to record with him. We tracked this song then played wiffle ball for 3 hours."  | More »

  • 'Gypsy Woman' by The Last Internationale - Free MP3

    August 15, 2013 8:00 AM ET
     |  Rolling Stone

    Artist: The Last InternationaleSong: "Gypsy Woman" "The only place for a dignified woman in this patriarchal society is prison," The Last Internationale's Delila tells Rolling Stone. "She has been beaten, chained, battered, ridiculed, abused, exploited, discarded, prostituted, and systematically oppressed. She is Gypsy Woman."  | More »

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