The Grand Ole Opry
Posted: June 6, 2012 11:25 AM ET
  |  By Danielle E. Bowers

The Opry is another stop on my Roadie trip that I've been looking forward to. I couldn't wait to see the place that is a bonafide establishment in country music. Just ahead I could see the scarlet banner draped across the entrance that read, "The Show That Made Country Music Famous."

We were greeted by Opry Dan Rogers. He treated us to the type of tour any country music lover would die for. We saw The Opry the way the entertainers see it.

First we saw the welcome desk and the iconic paintings of past country legends. They were positioned so that every artist that walks in the building is face to face with their founding Opry members. When someone goes to The Opry to perform, they enter through the star walk. I got to see the elegant brick path and the bushes cut into star shapes.

From there we got to see the various dressing rooms within The Opry. Each is as unique as the country stars who are members. I loved the room called Into the Circle. It was decorated with pictures of stars as they received their invitations to join. On the walls were quotes from the stars on what was going through their minds in that moment.

Other rooms included one with a rustic American flag painted on the wall, a women in country room and a first time at the Opry room that featured quotes from artists on the first time they graced the Opry stage.

Every Opry member has his/her own mailbox. The mailboxes look like any wall of boxes at the post office. They are in alphabetical order, save one that is out of order. Any guesses as to who this is?

The stage of The Opry left me breathless. All of my favorite artists have stood on that circle of old stage cut from The Ryman Auditorium. I've watched and listened to their performances there more times than I can count. To be able to stand in that spot in front of the microphone is like letting a die-hard Boston baseball fan they can stand on the pitcher's mount at the ballpark. I saw the four thousand seats as an empty, echoing, and dark space. Imagining seeing it filled people waiting to hear something beautiful made me admire the members more. It has to take courage and guts to go out there and not forget the lyrics or freeze.

Like at The Ryman with Lisaann, I could have spent hours listening to Dan and hearing stories like how he smuggled the microphone stand in to surprise an artist. He bought the green army bag and brought the stand to the location. Unfortunately, he had work to do with a big show going on only hours from my tour of The Opry. I was so grateful he took the time from his busy schedule to take us Roadies around in style.

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