Soundtrack Of My Life
Posted: May 30, 2012 1:46 PM ET
  |  By Danielle E. Bowers

I can put Tim McGraw’s music on a loop and drive for hours while each song brings me back to a different point in my life.   His albums Not a Moment Too Soon and All I Want conjure memories of my high school years.  To this day I can’t hear Down on the Farm without remembering the fun and trouble my friends got into with the school FFA chapter.  

I’m finally going get to see Tim McGraw perform some of these songs live.  I’m not sure what I’ll say when I get to meet the man whose songs have been the soundtrack of my life.  “Hi” doesn’t quite cover it, but can you convey something that complex with a few words?  Probably not.   The best I can do is to bring my love for his music to life with words and pictures.

On a lighter note, I do have one goal on my bucket list for this trip that is strange.  People are going to laugh, but everyone needs a goal to reach for that doesn’t make sense to anyone but you.  If it happens I would be over the moon, if it doesn’t happen I won’t lose any sleep.  

I want to meet Jake Owen’s dog, Merle.  

Jake Owen is one of my favorite new artists, I love his music and I follow him on Twitter.  That’s where I’ve seen his dog grow from a big pawed, floppy puppy into the most adorable bulldog in country music.  Jake brings him on the road with him and often Tweets pictures of Merle riding shotgun in his truck. The music video of Alone with You stars the jowly-faced dog.  Yes, there are two good looking humans in the video too, but Merle steals the show.  

Merle watch status:  No bulldog sighting yet.

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