Georgia On My Mind
Posted: June 4, 2012 10:07 AM ET
  |  By Danielle E. Bowers

It felt like I'd only closed my eyes last night when the alarm went off and our second official day as Roadies began. With over four hundred miles to travel to get to Atlanta for the next stop of The Brothers of the Sun Tour, we needed to get moving.

Breakfast was enjoyed with a beautiful view of a roller coaster outside. With a full tank of gas and cups of Roadie Fuel (coffee), we set off for Atlanta. Penny is now sporting some Roadie bling and now looks like a proper Roadie vehicle. If you are in the Southeast and see a magnetic bumper sticker on a Shell station pump that says 'Long Love Cars'? We put it there.

Atlanta is a city I've driven through in the past, but I've never had the time to linger and enjoy. This beautiful city provided the most beautiful weather possible. It was warm with a breeze that kept the temperature pleasant. I wasn't expecting such perfect weather. It was a surprising gift that I'm thankful for. Georgia put her best colors on for our visit.

We spent some time enjoying the crowds streaming into The Georgia Dome. The energy coming from the fans was infectious. Sheila and I got caught up in the excitement and found a man who we felt was an awesome Tim McGraw lookalike. The man was as kind as the artist and posed for a picture for us. His wife was gratified that the Roadies recognized the similarity in him.

Tonight The Tune-up Series was a happy crowd of fans. One man borrowed a pen from us to scribble a note for Tim. When the singer came on stage to the screams of the pre-show crowd, he held up up the sign. Tim McGraw saw the sign and led the crowd in singing happy birthday to his girlfriend.

The rest of the concert was amazing. The Georgia Dome was almost filled with three levels of cheering fans. The song 'Live Like You Were Dying' was a big hit, the audience sang along so loudly that it was hard to hear Tim's voice. The raised hands swaying in time with the music resembled grass blowing in the wind.

We left the concert still high from the last song and hours away from sleep. If someone could bottle the euphoria of a good concert, the screams of the fans, and the emotion they put out we would never need another energy source again.

I've never seen Atlanta at night and I have to say, if you haven't seen it you need to see her with her evening gown. Beautiful lights and architecture combine to make an impressive skyline. I only wish we weren't leaving first thing in the morning. Atlanta deserves a week at least to appreciate what she has to offer.

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