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Icky Thump

June 11, 2007

So what is it about Jack White? Right, he's very talented. Major guitarist, albeit overrated by those seeking a young titan to prove the guitar retains its glamour. Voice avid and emotional enough, words catchy sometimes and — crucially —...

Album Review

Get Behind Me Satan

June 16, 2005

Bad news for satan: Jack White's mama said knock you out. Get Behind Me Satan is a Biblical reference, plus a possible invitation to back-door action with the Prince of Darkness. But the music is so wild, it could make you weep over how pitilessly the...

Album Review

White Blood Cells

June 25, 2001

The White Stripes play gothic garage punk strictly by all the best and baddest rules. Detroit's Jack and Meg White, allegedly brother and sister, look like they haven't been out of their apartment in six years, and like the Ramones, they named themselves...

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April 1, 2003

There are still only two of them. But now they sound like an army. The White Stripes made Elephant, their fourth album, in just two weeks last year, at a London studio outfitted with an eight-track tape machine and recording gear that predates the Beatles....

Album Review

De Stijl

November 23, 2000

If the Who played "maximum R&B," then you could call the White Stripes' music "minimum R&B": blues-tinged rock & roll scaled back to its most essential elements — one guitar, a simple drum kit and sneering vocals. The second album by...