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"Paranoid Android"

June 13, 2011

Weezer don't flex their art-rock muscles often, so it's understandable they'd want to cover Radiohead's gloom anthem. At the end of their note-perfect rendition — recorded as a Web-only lark — someone says, "That was so cool." Well, sorta....

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"Unbreak My Heart"

November 26, 2010

From Weezer's new rarities collection, a cover of Toni Braxton's forlorn 1996 hit. In another band's hands, this might be a joke, but Rivers Cuomo moans the chorus like the words came straight from his diary. 

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August 12, 2010

It's odd how Rivers Cuomo and Eminem always seem to drop new records at the same time. They both represent a lost golden era to their fanboy cult, and they get knee-jerk hostility from the same Stans who wildly overrated them 10 years ago. But the rest...

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Weezer (Red Album)

June 12, 2008

What do Eddie Rabbitt, Slayer, Rick Astley, Terence Trent D'Arby and Rob Base have in common? Their hits are all shouted out in "Heart Songs," a ballad in which Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo pays loving homage to the chart-toppers of his youth. ("These...

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Weezer (Blue Album) [Deluxe]

April 19, 2004

By May 1994, when Weezer's Blue Album was released, they seemed destined for a short fifteen minutes of fame: They joked about Dungeons and Dragons, scored a hit with the grunge novelty "Undone — The Sweater Song" and were produced by ex-Cars frontman...

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May 14, 2001

Over the past few months, the most burning question in rock & roll has been: What the hell is up with Weezer? After their 1996 album, Pinkerton, a nifty little grunge-pop song cycle that nonetheless fizzled on the radio, it looked like Rivers Cuomo...

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Weezer (Blue Album)

February 2, 1998
Not Rated

Wafting out of countless college dorms, "Undone — the Sweater Song" seemed only the latest in slacker sloth: Above an ambience of beer-bash chitchat, a sad sack wails forlornly (the title "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" just about sums the...

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September 14, 2010

Rivers Cuomo has done battle with his fans, his record label, success itself. But the title of Weezer's eighth album is an olive branch to the ride-or-die nerd side of his audience: A Weezer record named after Hurley from Lost is like Rick Ross slapping...

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November 2, 2009

Do you think Rivers Cuomo ever gets tired of pissing people off? Check that album title again. The fact that he's willing to slap a title like Raditude on his work shows that when it comes to taunting and baiting the crowd, Cuomo makes every other rock...

Album Review

Make Believe

May 19, 2005

Oh, the suspense of a new Weezer album. Is Rivers Cuomo still one messed-up little rock auteur? Will he write a batch of crunchy pop-punk gems, reporting from his tortured private world about the fun he imagines the rest of us are having? Will he ever...

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May 9, 2002

By all logic, Weezer's musical pileups should end up in a drawer somewhere. Rivers Cuomo — the maladjusted, misanthropic mind behind the band — scribbles muddled diatribes about life and love's utter futility, and splatters the lyrics against...

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February 2, 1998

Although no one in the band originally hails from Southern California, Weezer have got the sound and attitude of early-'60s Los Angeles down. Melodies bounce with vigor; in the lyrics, help is just a sunshiny day away. There is still plenty of Weezer's...