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Guitar Gods

April 1, 1999

In his first Rolling Stone interview, published in March 1968, Jimi Hendrix described the moment that changed his life forever: "The first guitarist I was aware of was Muddy Waters. I heard one of his old records when I was a little boy, and it scared...


The Who Reunite for 25th Anniversary Tour

July 13, 1989

Right off the bat, Pete Townshend wants one thing understood. It's about that image he's got: You know, the guy who rips out power chords at a volume that put the Who in The Guinness Book of World Records, who thrashes it out toe to toe with Roger Daltrey...


The Who: Last Time Around

November 11, 1982

For nearly three years, Roger Daltrey watched Pete Townshend slowly killing himself with drugs and alcohol. It was almost a parody of rock-star decadence: Pete moved out on his wife and children and started making the rounds of trendy London clubs, slugging...


Pete Townshend on 'Empty Glass,' Cincinnati, And the Who's Future

June 26, 1980

The interview that follows took place on April 17th, just a few days into the Who's eighteen-date spring tour of the United States and Canada: their second new-world tour since drummer Keith Moon died at thirty-one on September 7th, 1978, and their first...


The Who Come to a Fork in the Road

October 5, 1978

This poor hotel,'' says Pete Townshend, gesturing at his spacious suite in the Navarro Hotel on New York's posh Central Park South. ''Mr. Russell, the bloke that manages this hotel, welcomes Keith [Moon] like an old friend. And yet, if any hotel has suffered...


Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Are Born, Not Made

November 3, 1977

He looks like he was drawn by the cartoonist Walter Lantz. The topknot isn't red; it's black. But he moves with a swagger, a cocky strut, and he has an appropriately manic giggle. What I mean is, no matter what his name, he'd still be known as Woody. The...


What's Deaf, Dumb & Blind and Costs $3.5 Million? 'Tommy!'

April 10, 1975

Tommy is greater than any painting, opera, piece of music, ballet or dramatic work that this century has produced." This is what the hypesters at Columbia Pictures' publicity mill came up with recently. "They get carried away, you know," said Tommy's...


Pete Townshend on the Who's 'Tommy'

December 9, 1971

On listening to this album, it's very easy to imagine that the whole Who world has been made up of singles. Where Tommy and his lengthy and finally expatriated self come in, it's hard to say. Probably nearer the time of the second album, A Quick One,...


Live Aid 1985: The Day the World Rocked

August 15, 1985

It was superstar heaven. Keith Richards was laughing and talking with Jimmy Page. A bodyguard handed Bob Dylan a beer. Across the room Jack Nicholson and Neil Young chatted. Andy Taylor, guitarist for Duran Duran and the Power Station, took a hit off...


Pete Townshend: The Who's Final Days

June 24, 1982

Pete Townshend has met the enemy – and recognized the bleary eyes staring back at him across the chasm of the last two decades as his own. Townshend and his band, the Who, were the subject of a story in the first issue of Rolling Stone, and over...


Rock & Roll Tragedy: Why 11 Died at the Who's Cincinnati Con

January 24, 1980

At about 7:15 on the evening of December 3rd, 1979, Larry Magid sat down to dinner with Frank Wood in the luxurious Beehive Club, a private club in the upper reaches of Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum. Wood, who is general manager of the city's premier...


Pete Townshend Looks Back: The Punk Meets the Godmother

November 17, 1977

Pete Townshend, as some of you may remember, is the high-stepping guitarist and songwriter of the Who. This is the third piece he has written for Rolling Stone. (One of the earlier pieces was about the Who, the other about Meher Baba; this one's about...


The Rolling Stones' 1975 Tour: Baptized in Baton Rouge, Castrated in San Antone

July 17, 1975

Goddammit," Bill Carter growled as he raced through the lobby of San Antonio's Hilton Palacio Del Rio. "Did you see this headline?" The former Secret-Service-agent-turned-Rolling-Stones-security-chief-and-visa-lawyer was waving the front page of the San...


Keith Moon Bites Back

December 21, 1972

It is probably fitting that Keith Moon plays the most aggressive instrument, drums, in the most explosive of groups, the Who, for Moon clearly seems more outrageous and more violent than any of his contemporaries. Behind him for a period of ten years,...


Pete Townshend Settles Down

September 28, 1968

This is the conclusion of the Rolling Stone Interview with Pete Townshend, guitarist, composer and leader of the Who. In the first part of the interview he spoke of his guitar smashing techniques, why he does it, the mod revolution in England and narrated...