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Love and War Inside the Rolling Stones

May 7, 2013

Perhaps these men, the Rolling Stones, should not be here, at this time in their lives, doing this – doing it so well and so scarily. It is a Friday afternoon, late April, in a rehearsal space the size of a large garage, on the outskirts of Burbank,...


Keith Richards on His Remarkable New Memoir, ‘Life’

October 28, 2010

"I don't think I looked for it," Keith Richards says in a low, even growl. The Rolling Stones guitarist is talking about trouble, the kind that runs through his autobiography, Life, like a hellbound train: drugs, cops, cold turkey, death and the turbulent...


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concerts

November 26, 2009

"The incredible thing is that the people who created this music — the inventors of an entire half-century-old movement — are still around, alive and performing," Bruce Springsteen says, sitting backstage at New York's Madison Square Garden,...


Keith Richards and Johnny Depp: Blood Brothers

May 31, 2007

Come in, it's a beast out there." With those words, Johnny Depp swings open the door to his sleek air-conditioned trailer and offers blessed relief from the brutal California heat wave. Here on the Disney lot in Burbank, where production is under way...


Will Keith Richards Bury Us All?

October 17, 2002

Keith Richards bolts out of the dark and into the light, grips the neck of his guitar like a rifle barrel and fires the opening call to joy of the Rolling Stones' 2002-03 world tour: the fierce chords of "Street Fighting Man," a blazing rush that for...


The Rolling Stones: Notes from the Babylon Bar

December 23, 1997

Backstage, on the second night of the Rolling Stones' Bridges to Babylon tour, most of the world that will cosset and comfort them over the next year is up and running – a world that is serviced by at least six chefs, including a dedicated dessert...


The Rolling Stones: It's Show Time

August 25, 1994

Rip this joint' —– let's hear it!" yells Mick Jagger, looking like a sinister emergency-room surgeon with his loose-fitting green pants and end-of-the-day facial expression. His weary voice fills the school gym on the edge of Toronto where the Rolling...


Eric Clapton: Living on Blues Power

April 29, 1993

Thirtysomething years ago a teenage Eric Clapton was toting his acoustic guitar from pub to pub in London and nearby towns such as Kingston, playing and singing what was then called "folk blues'' for drinks and pocket change. His idols were Big Bill Broonzy,...


The Rolling Stones' Uneasy Truce

September 7, 1989

This seems almost like old times. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are huddled together over the recording console at Olympic Studios, in London, digging the music blasting out of the speakers overhead and listening hard to make sure each riff, beat and...


Stepping Out: Mick Jagger Goes Solo

February 14, 1985

Mick Jagger, it seems, cannot sit still. Seated behind a console at the Power Station in New York, Jagger is fidgeting with strips of paper that have the song titles for his new solo album written on them. Over and over, he rearranges them, in search...


The Who: Last Time Around

November 11, 1982

For nearly three years, Roger Daltrey watched Pete Townshend slowly killing himself with drugs and alcohol. It was almost a parody of rock-star decadence: Pete moved out on his wife and children and started making the rounds of trendy London clubs, slugging...


The Rolling Stones: Torn and Frayed in the South of France

May 27, 2010

"You don't get a take till Keith starts looking at Charlie and moving nearer to him, and then Bill gets up out of his chair and stands up. Then it transforms into the Rolling Stones," says Andy Johns, the engineer who recorded much of the Stones' Exile...


Blues Brothers: Keith Richards and Jack White

April 17, 2008

In the Rolling Stones' new concert movie, Shine a Light, there is a vintage interview with guitarist Keith Richards. A reporter asks Richards what he thinks about when he's onstage playing with the Stones. Richards coolly replies, "I don't think onstage....


The Rolling Stones: Back With a Bang

September 22, 2005

Solo first, bridge later!" Mick Jagger yells, turning to the rest of the Rolling Stones as they come to a messy halt behind him. Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood, and drummer Charlie Watts are rehearsing for their 2005-06 world tour –...


Guitar Gods

April 1, 1999

In his first Rolling Stone interview, published in March 1968, Jimi Hendrix described the moment that changed his life forever: "The first guitarist I was aware of was Muddy Waters. I heard one of his old records when I was a little boy, and it scared...


Mick Jagger Remembers

December 14, 1995

Being interviewed is one of Mick Jagger's least favorite pastimes, a necessity that accompanies his career. A typical session with a journalist lasts 20 minutes. His life has been public for so long, he sees little need to explain or justify himself and...


The Rolling Stones Take Their Rock & Roll Circus Back on the Road

August 25, 1994

'Rip this joint' – let's hear it!" yells Mick Jagger, looking like a sinister emergency-room surgeon with his loose-fitting green pants and end-of-the-day facial expression. His weary voice fills the school gym on the edge of Toronto where the Rolling...


The Rolling Stones: Artist of the Year

March 8, 1990

As they relax backstage at the Pontiac Silverdome, outside Detroit, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards burst into giddy laughter at the very idea that the North American leg of the Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels tour — sixty shows in three and a half...


Keith Richards: A Stone Alone Comes Clean

October 6, 1988

A drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Keith Richards dances around the New York office of his personal manager, Jane Rose, as Talk Is Cheap — his first solo album after a quarter century with the Rolling Stones — blasts out of...


Mick Jagger: He's Hot, He's Sexy and He's Alive

November 24, 1983

There are these two guys named Mick Jagger. One of them, whose life is laid out in lurid little exploits in the tatty press, seems a perfect prancing ass. The other one, however, makes these lately great-again albums with the Rolling Stones, whom he also...