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Album Review

Wild Stab

January 29, 2016

When Nineties alt-rocker Juliana Hatfield started working with Paul Westerberg last year, she soon realized that much of the Replacements singer's greatest work remained unreleased. "She brought a lot of this to life that otherwise would have just sat...

Live Review

The Replacements Bring Back the Romance

September 21, 2014

First a romanticized view of the Replacements show Friday night at Queens' Forest Hills Stadium, which is an appropriate starting point for a band that throughout its 30-plus-year history has been romanticized for all the right reasons (visionary...

Album Review

Tim (Expanded Edition)

October 30, 2008

Released in 1985, Tim caught a great American garage band stretching out, working Big Star pop and Fifties-style rock into a mix of punky abandon and regular-dude romanticism. This version — reissued along with three other 'Mats albums, none of...

Album Review

Let It Be

July 28, 2005

The Replacements' Let It Be is one of the most lovable albums ever to come out of the American garage: a shabbily tuneful bash-and-pop masterpiece about youthful uncertainty, androgyny and getting your tonsils out, complete with a Kiss cover and a Ted...

Album Review

Don't Tell A Soul

February 9, 1989

When The Replacements left the indie world to sign with a major label four years ago, fans of the Minneapolis quartet wondered if the corporate music industry could somehow subvert the rock underground's most feckless heroes and turn them into a calculating...

Album Review


November 21, 1985
Not Rated

In this era of synthetic sound and an increased emphasis on the cosmetics of media geniality, the Replacements are probably too true to be good. While they haven't exactly reinvented the fourman guitars-bass-drum lineup, they have dramatically reaffirmed...

Album Review

Songs for Slim

March 15, 2013

Welcome back, boys. The Replacements, Minnesota's beloved punk-rock hellions, have reunited with a five-song benefit EP for guitarist Slim Dunlap, recently paralyzed by a stroke. It's the group's first new recording in 23 years; not only are the Replacements...

Album Review

Let It Be [Deluxe Edition]

May 1, 2008
Not Rated

Label wants a hit/and we don't give a shit! Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg once sang. Yet the real miracle ofhis legendarily self-destructive band is that it created masterful popin spite of itself. Success wrested heroically from seeminglyinescapable...

Album Review

All Shook Down

October 4, 1990

America's best band is back where it belongs: the garage. After almost a decade of raw, piercing albums about uncertainty and growing disenchantment, the Replacements scored a commercial breakthrough with last year's toned-down, shined-up Don't Tell a...

Album Review

Pleased To Meet Me

July 2, 1987
Not Rated

When God was giving out self-confidence, where the hell was Paul Westerberg? Out buying beer? For someone so blessed with songwriting ability, the singer-guitarist seems unduly consumed with doubt about his own worth and that of the Replacements, his...

Album Review

Let It Be

February 14, 1985

This is a brilliant rock & roll album: as loose as it is deliberate, as pretty as it is hard rocking and as pissed off at all the right things ("Seen Your Video," "Androgynous") as it is hilarious ("Gary's Got a Boner"). Paul Westerberg — the...