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Live Review

Paul Simon Honors Phil Everly With Intimate House Show

October 30, 2014

When Patti Everly, the widow of Phil Everly, decided to stage a musical tribute to her late husband, there was one artist she knew needed to be involved: Paul Simon. Last night in Nashville, Patti got her wish, and the 73-year-old singer-songwriter performed...

Album Review

Cadence Classics: Their 20 Greatest Hits

April 7, 2004

They wore matching suits and had an uncanny not-twins-but-strikingly-similar appearance. Southern boys who looked like well-behaved guests, the Everly Brothers did indeed have an alien quality about them. On some level, the Everly Brothers were visitors...

Album Review

Stories We Could Tell

July 6, 1972
Not Rated

The Everly Brothers brought harmony to rock and roll. They also brought sensitivity, the result of their having been weaned on old-time country music. They were the end of one line and beginning of another. They were also hugely influential, and everything...

Album Review

Born Yesterday

February 27, 1986
Not Rated

Like other classic Everly Brothers albums — such as 1960's hit-packed The Fabulous Style of the Everly Brothers and the landmark '68 country-poperetta Roots — Born Yesterday is the product of a basic, infallible equation: Don and Phil's peerless...

Album Review


May 31, 1969
Not Rated

This odd, new Everly Brothers album is full of Ma and Pa and sweet gospel singin' on the radio, harmonizing "family style and country style," and memories of the old home in Brownie, Kentucky. It is also a showcase for the superb talent of the Everlies...