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Sound System

September 10, 2013

It takes a band as myth-saturated as the Clash to live up to a career-summing box as ambitious as this one. But Joe Strummer and his crew of London gutter-punk romantics fit the bill. The 13-disc Sound System aims to tell their whole story, from the garage-land...

Album Review

Live at Shea Stadium

October 16, 2008

In late 1982, the greatest punk band of all time was in the midst of a swift, sad decline: Though the Clash had just released their most commercially successful album, Combat Rock, they had also just booted longtime drummer and then-smack addict Topper...

Album Review

Essential Clash

March 11, 2003

Since The Clash's demise, there have been many compilations of their work; unfortunately, most of them sound like they were sequenced with a dartboard. This two-disc collection, organized roughly chronologically, finally does them justice: The first disc...

Album Review

Cut The Crap

January 16, 1986
Not Rated

There was a time when The Clash embodied all that was noble about punk. They understood the difference between apocalypse and mere antistyle and, as songwriters, singer-guitarists Joe Strummer and Mick Jones had the gift of grab. The reggae-rap-pop Esperanto...

Album Review


March 5, 1981

Nothing could have helped get me through the unreal mass depression — the mourning ten years too late for the death of the Sixties and the Beatles that grew out of the grief over John Lennon's murder — than the release of the Clash's Sandinista!...

Album Review

Give 'Em Enough Rope

January 25, 1979
Not Rated

The Clash rain fire and brimstone — with a laugh. Give' Em Enough Rope, their second album (The Clash, released in the U.K. in 1977, remains unissued here, as do several remarkable singles that appear on neither LP), is a rocker's assault on the...

Album Review

London Calling [25th Anniversary Legacy Edition]

September 22, 2004

In 1979, London Calling was sold with a sticker declaring that the Clash were the only band that matters, and they acted as if they believed their own hype. Broadcasting from the middle of the wild-eyed mess that was English punk rock, a milieu that often...

Album Review

The Story Of The Clash Volume 1

July 14, 1988

The story of The Clash is a story that ended too soon. The Clash was undoubtedly the most far-reaching band to emerge from the tattered punk scene, which is now strewn with as many victims as survivors. But there were no Sid Viciouses in the Clash; although...

Album Review

Combat Rock

June 24, 1982

For rock's last angry band, life at the top has not exactly been a left-wing luau. In Britain, where their only real crime has been falling out of fashion, the Clash is scorned by a cynical press drunk on funk and futurism, and by their own punk progeny,...

Album Review

London Calling

April 3, 1980
Not Rated

By now, our expectations of the Clash might seem to have become inflated beyond any possibility of fulfillment. It's not simply that they're the greatest rock & roll band in the world — indeed, after years of watching too many superstars compromise,...