Newly Unearthed Letter Explains The Clash's U.S. Troubles

June 12, 2015

The Clash's 1977 self-titled album is widely seen as one of the greatest debuts of all time, though Americans didn't have a chance to buy it until 1979 - and a letter (which surfaced online last year and is just now making the rounds) explains exactly...


Flashback: The Clash Storm Tokyo in 1982

May 26, 2015

In hindsight, The Clash probably shouldn't have agreed to tour Asia and Australia in early 1982. Beyond the fact that it came midway through the tense Combat Rock sessions, promoters put together an insane schedule of 25 shows in a little over...



Joe Strummer's 1963 Thunderbird Up for Auction

August 14, 2014

It's not a brand new Cadillac, but Joe Strummer's 1963 Chalfont Blue Ford Thunderbird is now up for auction on eBay. Bidding will end on Thursday, August 21st, which also happens to be the birthday of the late Clash co-founder. While...


Clash Members, Diplo Talk Unlikely 'Hero' Collaboration

March 10, 2014

Turns out Mick Jones, the genre-melding singer/guitarist of the Clash, boasts some fashion ingenuity, too. "If your sneakers get old, you put them in the freezer," the London Calling legend instructed a rapt crowd of reporters last week at Brooklyn's...


The Clash End on a Low Note

January 2, 2014

When the story of the Clash is told, it often ends in 1983, when the group melted down following the US Festival and Mick Jones left the band. That's probably where most members would like to remember it ending too, but Joe Strummer and bassist Paul Simonon...


Gob-Smacked: The Best of Seventies British Punk

June 17, 2014

Mohawked and mad-as-hell, the punks who popped up in England in the late 1970s created some of the smartest, sharpest, and most arresting racket the U.K. had ever heard. Many of them would never make it to the charts, but decades later, they remain punk-rock...


What Is the Best Double Album of All Time?

January 3, 2014

Pop acts have been releasing double albums since Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde in 1966. There have been countless classics since then, from The White Album by the Beatles all the way to Reflektor by Arcade Fire. Why Arcade Fire's The Funeral Is the Sixth...



Clash Inspiration Junior Murvin Dead

December 3, 2013

Reggae artist Junior Murvin died on Monday in Jamaica. Although an official cause of death has not yet been released, Murvin had been recently hospitalized for diabetes and blood-pressure-related illnesses.  He was between ages 64 and 67, according...

Album Review

Sound System

September 10, 2013

It takes a band as myth-saturated as the Clash to live up to a career-summing box as ambitious as this one. But Joe Strummer and his crew of London gutter-punk romantics fit the bill. The 13-disc Sound System aims to tell their whole story, from the garage-land...


Green Day Pay Tribute to Joe Strummer

August 22, 2013

Green Day wished a happy birthday to Joe Strummer last night, midway through their set at O2 Academy Brixton in London. The Clash frontman, who died in 2002, would have turned 61 yesterday. The birthday wishes came during a show that included a full...


Clash Bassist Paul Simonon On New Box Set, Recording With Bob Dylan

June 6, 2013

The classic lineup of the Clash folded after recording just five studio albums. But they worked at an insane pace during their seven-year run, leaving behind a mountain of unreleased material. Their 1991 box set Clash on Broadway was a scant three discs...


Joe Strummer Honored With Plaza in Spain

January 16, 2013

Joe Strummer will have a plaza in Granada, Spain, named after him following a Facebook petition that swayed city officials with the signatures of more than 2,000 residents, the BBC reports. Now to be known as Plaza de Joe Strummer, the campaign to rename...


Ian Rubbish Interviews the Clash

October 16, 2013

It's said you should never meet your heroes, but Ian Rubbish has never abided by conventional wisdom. Fred Armisen's veteran punk character, introduced earlier this year on Saturday Night Live, sits down with Mick Jones and Paul Simonon in The Clash:...


The Clash's Mick Jones: 'This Is It for Me'

August 30, 2013

To Mick Jones, the Clash's new box set, Sound System, represents the band's final statement. The 13-disc collection includes remastered versions of their five studio albums, video of everything from their first recording session in 1976 through incredible...


The Clash, 'White Man in Hammersmith' Live

August 19, 2013

The Clash's new 13-disc box set Sound System includes remastered versions of the group's five studio albums as well as tons of remixes, demos, outtakes and alternate versions of classic songs. The coolest part, however, may be the videos. The group has...


Weekend Rock Question: What Is the Clash's Greatest Song?

August 9, 2013

The classic lineup of the Clash broke up after just seven years, but in that time, they released a stunning amount of great music. Their 1991 box set Clash on Broadway was just three CDs, and it barely scratched the surface. On September 10th, they're...


15 Rock & Roll Rebels

June 3, 2013

Deep down, the bad boys are quite often the sensitive ones – the ones who feel the world's pain. They don't "do what everybody else does" because they don't understand why things have to be that way. And they often welcome the ostracism they get...


The Clash Take New York in 1981

March 14, 2013

The Clash booked a seven-night stand at the Bonds nightclub in Times Square in the spring of 1981. It was partially a public relations stunt, since they knew the mad scramble for tickets would make for great press. These were their only American dates...