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August 2, 2010

The last time the Black Crowes went on hiatus, in 2002, they had good reason: Their previous album, Lions, was the closest they'd come to being dull: solid songs like the howling electric church of "Soul Singing" muffled by indifferent execution. The...

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Before The Frost... Until the Freeze

August 31, 2009

The idea is inspired: gather an intimate audience of your biggest fans and put them in Levon Helm's Woodstock, New York, barn to watch you record your new material. That's what the Black Crowes did for their latest album — an 11-song set of ragged...

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August 13, 2002

Totally seventies to their last foreseeable breath, the Black Crowes — now split into separate Robinson-brother solo projects — sign off with a double live album, recorded last year, that boasts the dirty fidelity and bong-happy abandon of...

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By Your Side

January 4, 1999

"You can't stop, or I will pass you/If you slow down, I will outlast you," sings Chris Robinson on the kickoff track of the Black Crowes' fifth album. Robinson's band hasn't been quite as tenacious as his boasts would imply, even if the Atlanta-born group...

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Three Snakes And One Charm

August 8, 1996

A couple of textbook hard-rock singles first put the Black Crowes on the map in 1990, but the band has recorded only three or four true singles since "Jealous Again" and "Hard to Handle." Fortunately, they're all on Three Snakes and One Charm. This album...

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Shake Your Money Maker

May 31, 1990

Blame it on the Stones. That pack of aging rogues may or may not fit the bill for the Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World circa 1990, but the group's influence remains surprisingly vital — or haven't you heard Aerosmith strut its stuff lately?...

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March 6, 2008

Warpaint is the first studio album from the Black Crowes inseven years — not that you can really tell. The Crowes still bangout that old-school boogie that might be three or four decades old if itwasn't brand-new. All the obvious ingredients that...

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May 8, 2001

The sixth Black Crowes record begins with "Midnight From the Inside Out," a feedback-riddled jam that never achieves liftoff. You fear that our neoclassic rock heroes have abandoned the boozy, supercharged verve of 1999's By Your Side and retreated into...

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The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion

January 30, 1997

I'm seeing things for the first time," Chris Robinson sang on Shake Your Money Maker, the Black Crowes' debut album. That was in 1990, when Robinson and his guitarist brother, Rich, were rounding twenty and still unknown, gawky string beans out of Atlanta....

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November 3, 1994

As bold and ramshackle, heartfelt and personal as rock & roll itself, Amorica finds the Black Crowes finding themselves. Still defiant in their untrendy insistence that the guitar bravado and rebel pose of classic rock furnishes an inspiration as...