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Being Ringo: A Beatle's All-Starr Life

April 15, 2015

There are some things Ringo believes. "If you are on a desert island and you have coconuts, you can survive." There are some things Ringo can't answer. Was "Taxman" recorded on four-track or eight-track? "Ask someone who knows....


Paul McCartney's New Album, New Life and How the Beatles Almost Reunited

March 1, 2012

On his way to work this morning, Paul McCartney had to wait for some pedestrians at a white-striped crosswalk. They stood in groups, cameras in hand, blocking a tree-lined London street. As McCartney sat patiently in his SUV, none of them looked his way...


John Lennon: The Last Interview

December 23, 2010

On the evening of Friday, December 5th, 1980, John Lennon spoke to Rolling Stone editor Jonathan Cott for more than nine hours at his apartment on New York's Upper West Side and at the Record Plant recording studio. Three nights later, Lennon would be...


Why the Beatles Broke Up: The Story Behind Our Cover

August 18, 2009

I came of age in the time that was also the age of the Beatles, and I've always been grateful for that simultaneity. Along with the Beatles, and no doubt because them, many of us grew into an awareness that shared tastes in music might also amount to...


Beatle Mania!

February 19, 2004

SHORTLY AFTER 8 P.M. ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 1964, a short, stiff man with rubbery bloodhound features — Ed Sullivan, the host of the highest-rated variety hour on American television — addressed his New York studio audience and the folks...


Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stone Interview: Success Doesn't Suck

January 27, 1994

Ashirtless, disheveled Kurt Cobain pauses on the backstage stairway leading to Nirvana's dressing room at the Aragon Ballroom, in Chicago, offers a visitor a sip of his après-gig tea and says in a drop-deadpan voice, "I'm really glad you could...


Pete Townshend: The Who's Final Days

June 24, 1982

Pete Townshend has met the enemy – and recognized the bleary eyes staring back at him across the chasm of the last two decades as his own. Townshend and his band, the Who, were the subject of a story in the first issue of Rolling Stone, and over...


Bob Dylan: The Poet's Poet

March 14, 1974

Memory is a beautiful thing — as I get older I learn to cherish it. It seems so beautiful or ugly that it is often more than real. Sometimes the vision is lit up with imagination; sometimes the imaginings have the shapes of real acts and gestures...


Lennon Remembers, Part One

January 21, 1971

This interview took place in New York City on December 8th, shortly after John and Yoko finished their albums in England. They came to New York to attend to the details of the release of the album, to make some films, and for a private visit. Those...


Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stone Interview

October 12, 1968

Although one of the most philosophically oriented and intelligent performers around today, Mick Jagger is also one of the most laconic. Since the departure of Andrew Oldham from the affairs of the Rolling Stones, the burden of directing the affairs of...


Paul McCartney: The Beatles Considered Reuniting

February 15, 2012

The Beatles had considered getting back together while all four members were still alive, says Paul McCartney. "There was talk of re-forming the Beatles a couple of times," he tells Rolling Stone, "but it didn't jell, there was not enough passion behind...


Why the Beatles Broke Up

September 3, 2009

It was a cold January in 1969, and the Beatles were seated on a vast, even colder, soundstage at London's Twickenham Film Studios, in the company of the last people in the world they wanted to be with: the Beatles. They had been trying for days to write...


The Rolling Stones: Back With a Bang

September 22, 2005

Solo first, bridge later!" Mick Jagger yells, turning to the rest of the Rolling Stones as they come to a messy halt behind him. Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Ron Wood, and drummer Charlie Watts are rehearsing for their 2005-06 world tour –...


The Rolling Stones: Notes from the Babylon Bar

December 23, 1997

Backstage, on the second night of the Rolling Stones' Bridges to Babylon tour, most of the world that will cosset and comfort them over the next year is up and running – a world that is serviced by at least six chefs, including a dedicated dessert...


Eric Clapton: Living on Blues Power

April 29, 1993

Thirtysomething years ago a teenage Eric Clapton was toting his acoustic guitar from pub to pub in London and nearby towns such as Kingston, playing and singing what was then called "folk blues'' for drinks and pocket change. His idols were Big Bill Broonzy,...


Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Are Born, Not Made

November 3, 1977

He looks like he was drawn by the cartoonist Walter Lantz. The topknot isn't red; it's black. But he moves with a swagger, a cocky strut, and he has an appropriately manic giggle. What I mean is, no matter what his name, he'd still be known as Woody. The...


Keith Richard: The Rolling Stone Interview

August 19, 1971

Keith plays in a rock & roll band. Anita is a movie star queen. They currently reside in a large white marble house that everyone describes as "decadent looking." The British Admiral who built it had trees brought from all over the world in ships...


Bob Dylan Talks: A Raw and Extensive First Rolling Stone Interview

November 29, 1969

They say Bob Dylan is the most secretive and elusive person in the entire rock & roll substructure, but after doing this interview, I think it would be closer to the point to say that Dylan, like John Wesley Harding, was "never known to make a foolish...


The Rolling Stones Return With Beggars Banquet

August 10, 1968

The Rolling Stones have returned, and they are bringing back rock and roll with them. They have finished their next album – titled Beggar's Banquet – and it is the best record they have yet done. In all aspects it is a great album; great Rolling...