Pink Floyd Quietly Release '1965: Their First Recordings' EP

December 2, 2015

Amid the Black Friday stock of Record Store Day exclusives, Pink Floyd quietly released a limited edition six-song EP titled 1965 – Their First Recordings. The collection, recorded prior to the group's seminal 1967 album The Piper at the...



Pink Floyd: Journey to the Dark Side

October 13, 2011

It could be a new Pink Floyd song, if only that band still existed as anything more than a memory, more than a barely cordial business partnership. David Gilmour is sitting atop an equipment rack in the control room of his opulent houseboat studio outside...


Digest: Nicki Minaj to Tour with Britney Spears; Jethro Tull's Music to be Performed in Space

April 11, 2011

Nicki Minaj to Tour with Britney SpearsNicki Minaj has officially announced that she will be the opening act for Britney Spears' upcoming arena tour in support of her new album Femme Fatale. Minaj is currently on the road with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross...



Rare Tape of 1967 Pink Floyd Concert Found

December 8, 2010

A rare audio recording of a 1967 concert in Stockholm by Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd has been unearthed in Sweden. It will be broadcast in May at the Golden Circle, the famed jazz and rock club in Stockholm where Ornette Coleman recorded a two-volume...



Syd Barrett (1946-2006)

July 11, 2006

Syd Barrett, the original frontman of Pink Floyd who wrote much of their early material, died July 7th in Cambridge, England, from complications related to diabetes. He was sixty. Born Roger Keith Barrett in Cambridge, the son of a renowned pathologist,...



Syd Barrett Song Unearthed

February 14, 2001

"Bob Dylan's Blues" might be an uncharacteristically prosaic title from a man better known for his songs about gnomes, octopuses and effervescing elephants. But as this newly unearthed Syd Barrett song -- to be included on a new compilation, Wouldn't...


Album Review

Crazy Diamond

June 16, 1994

Is this still really Pink Floyd? That seems to be the question, as it has been since Roger Waters left the band in 1985 to dip deeper into the sci-fi soup. Waters has since missed no opportunity to slag his former band mates as incompetent fakes. He would...


Album Review

The Wall

February 7, 1980
Not Rated

Though it in no way endangers the meisterwerk musical status of Dark Side of the Moon (still on the charts nearly seven years after its release), Pink Floyd's twelfth album, The Wall, is the most startling rhetorical achievement in the group's singular,...


Album Review


March 24, 1977
Not Rated

For Pink Floyd, space has always been the ultimate escape. It still is, but now definitions have shifted. The romance of outer space has been replaced by the horror of spacing out. This shift has been coming for a while. There was Dark Side of the Moon...


Album Review

Wish You Were Here

November 6, 1975
Not Rated

Without Pink Floyd we would not have the European sci-fi multitudes (Hawkwind, Can, Amon Duul II and all their little friends) to kick around. They were the first to explore the upper reaches of the chemical heavens, and their commercial and artistic...



Syd Barrett: The Madcap Who Named Pink Floyd

December 23, 1971

LONDON—If you tend to believe what you hear, rather than what is, Syd Barrett is either dead, behind bars, or a vegetable. He is in fact alive and as confusing as ever, in the town where he was born, Cambridge. In 1966–67, Barrett was playing...


Album Review

Atom Heart Mother

December 10, 1970
Not Rated

At one time, Pink Floyd was far-out, freaky even. Their work in the electronic capabilities of rock was more advanced than most people recognize. Their use of a third, rear, sound source anticipated quadraphonics. And their music, if it wasn't memorable,...


Album Review

A Saucerful of Secrets

October 26, 1968
Not Rated

The Pink Floyd were in the forefront of the self-consiously psychedelic rock movement in Britain as it developed over a year ago; they had to their credit a couple of promising singles ("Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play") and a fairly impressive first...