Nothing Feels Good: Best of Nineties Emo

June 16, 2014

Though everyone's nostalgic for the Nineties nowadays, it was actually one of rock's glummest decades, as full of hooky tales of hopelessness. This collection brings together some of emo's must-hear pain-relievers.


Help Sunny Day Real Estate Save Washington Club

March 4, 2014

Seattle rock outfit Sunny Day Real Estate might be in a state of flux, but guitarist Dan Hoerner is still passionate about the Washington music scene. In an effort to save legendary Spokane venue The Big Dipper, Hoerner has started an IndieGoGo...


Album Review

The Rising Tide

August 3, 2000

Sunny Day Real Estate have always hinted that they want to become emo-core's answer to earnest, pre-Achtung Baby U2. On their fourth studio album, The Rising Tide, the Seattle trio finally sounds like it. The grandiose production, by Lou Giordano (Goo...