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2112: Deluxe Edition

January 2, 2013

Rush have always been one of rock’s all-time great argument starters. Anywhere North American males gather, it’s possible to ignite a fierce debate just by name-dropping these Canadian prog sages. You can quibble over Geddy Lee’s voice...

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Yellow & Green

July 17, 2012

This Georgia metal band's most accessible record is this sprawling, 75-minute double album. The edges are smoother and the choruses more pronounced than before, but they're still as marauding and feral as ever. The Yellow disc is more immediate ("March...

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Retrospective III (1989-2008) (Reissue)

February 19, 2009

By the Nineties, Rush had all but abandoned their synthesizers for the Zeppelin-style riffs and prog-pop melodies of their Seventies albums. This one-CD (plus bonus DVD) anthology tracks the band as it drifts from the shimmery, grunge-flavored "Earthshine"...

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August 19, 2004

Fans already know it, but these eight classic-rock covers (including "Mr. Soul") prove that, beneath all the virtuosity and Dungeons and Dragons fantasia, Rush have always been a decent bar band. With this disc, the trio finds a surprisingly reserved...

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Test For Echo

December 17, 1996
Not Rated

It's double-standard time. Rock snobs have been beating up on Rush for years, mostly on account of the assiduously designed pomp and metaphysical polemics in the band's art rock and the scraped-blackboard shiver in bassist Geddy Lee's vocals. Meanwhile,...

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A Show of Hands

April 20, 1989

Although their fans treat the three members of Rush as if they were the Holy Trinity, the band chose the theme of another threesome — the Three Stooges — as the opening fanfare for its third live set. It's a bit of self-effacement to be found...

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Grace Under Pressure

June 21, 1984

This album needs no critical assistance: If you like Rush, you'll love it; if not, then Grace Under Pressure is unlikely to alter your assessment of the band as a lumbering metal anachronism. For the record, though, Rush has managed to incorporate a...

Album Review

Exit Stage… Left

February 4, 1982

Rush have been unfairly maligned as just an other barnstorming heavy-metal act, fit only to vibrate arena walls. Actually, the group is a lot more interesting than cock-rockers like Van Halen or AC DC, and fat less compromised than Journey or Styx. "We...

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March 22, 1979
Not Rated

Fans will doubtless find Hemispheres another good, solid Rush album. And it's time to apprise the nonfans as well, because this power trio uniquely bridges the gap between heavy metal and sterile technology (sort of where Blue Oyster Cult used to work...

Album Review

Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland

November 8, 2011

A year after the documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage made them more popular and beloved than ever, how do Rush choose to celebrate? How else but a concert album subtitled Live in Cleveland? Sampling the Canadian trio's career – from the prog ("La...

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Snakes & Arrows

May 14, 2007

If you're a Rush fan, add two stars; if not, subtract two. Snakes & Arrows gives Geddyheads the first new Rush material in five years, unless you count Neil Peart's 2005 instructional DVD, Anatomy of a Drum Solo. Highlight: Alex Lifeson's guitar in...

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Vapor Trails

April 24, 2002

On Vapor Trails, the stalwart Canadian power trio Rush returns from a six-year studio absence, sniffs the wind and abandons the prog-rock jams of its last studio album, Test for Echo, for a harder, Staind-friendly approach. On tracks such as "Earthshine,"...

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January 25, 1990

When critic Lionel Trilling said, "Immature artists imitate. Mature artists steal," he wasn't talking about Rush, but he might as well have been. For the past sixteen years, as the group has gone from mimicking Led Zeppelin and Yes to approximating the...

Album Review

Power Windows

January 30, 1986
Not Rated

While critics routinely dismissed Rush as pretentious operatic heavy-metal bozos, this indefatigable Canadian trio was actually busy becoming the Police of power rock. On their recent studio LPs, leading up to 1984's appropriately titled Grace under Pressure,...

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October 28, 1982

On their twelfth album, Rush makes a strong argument for the view that advanced technology is not necessarily the same thing as progress. Unfortunately, they do so largely by screwing up. Although Signals is chockablock with state-of-the-studio gadgetry,...

Album Review

Permanent Waves

May 1, 1980
Not Rated

It's easy to criticize what you don't understand, which at least partly explains why Canadian power trio Rush have suffered so much at the hands of rock journalists since the band's debut album in 1974. Critics find bassist-lead singer Geddy Lee's stratospheric...