Inside Rihanna's Glitzy, Artsy Album Cover Launch

October 8, 2015

Rihanna revealed details about her long-awaited eighth album at a Los Angeles art galley Wednesday night, unveiling the original paintings for the cover to her upcoming album, Anti. The cover depicts the singer as a child, with a golden...


Rihanna Opens Up About Chris Brown, Domestic Abuse

October 6, 2015

Rihanna opened up about her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, his assault and the unfair treatment she and other victims of domestic abuse often face in a new interview with Vanity Fair. "I just never understood that, like...


Rihanna Talks Unfinished Album, Swift, Working With Kanye

September 18, 2015

The long wait for Rihanna's upcoming album may finally be coming to an end. In a new interview, the singer admitted that her LP, long referred to as "R8" among fans, is "not done." "To me it's never done until it's done. Until the final moment,"...


Matt Barnes Is 'Too Grown to Lie' About Dating Rihanna

August 21, 2015

We began the week with the sordid tale of Rihanna and Matt Barnes' Dategate, and despite RiRi's wishes, we're still talking about it as the week comes to a close. For those keeping score at home: First, Barnes – or "sources" close to the NBA...


Rihanna Shuts Down Matt Barnes on Instagram

August 17, 2015

Go on and take a bow, Matt Barnes. You put on quite a show. According to TMZ (and "sources connected to" Barnes), the Grizzlies' forward was recently spotted hanging out with Rihanna on a couple of dates. No one really knows if the two are...


We Saw Rihanna Hold Nearly 100 Fans Hostage in Los Angeles

July 2, 2015

Last night in Los Angeles, Rihanna celebrated the debut of her tough, NSFW video for "Bitch Better Have My Money" by taking hostages. Nearly 100 fans were invited to a Tidal-sponsored event, blindfolded and then put onto luxury buses with the windows...


Watch Rihanna's Stunning 'SNL' Season-Ending Performances

May 17, 2015

Rihanna, making her fifth visit to Saturday Night Live, helped close out the series' 40th season by performing visually stunning renditions of her most recent singles, "Bitch Better Have My Money" and "American Oxygen." The SNL stage often isn't kind...


Rihanna Debuts 'American Oxygen,' Slams RFRA at Indiana Fest

April 5, 2015

Rihanna's still-unreleased "American Oxygen" has been a staple in commercials promoting this year's NCAA basketball tournament the past two months, and with the Final Four rolling into Indianapolis Saturday night, the singer finally debuted the entire...


Megastars Team Up to Launch Streaming Service Tidal

March 30, 2015

A phalanx of chart-topping stars from across genres joined forces in the loading dock of New York City's biggest post office today to launch the newly artist-owned high-definition streaming service Tidal. Like a scene out of a pop-music version of...


Hear Rihanna's New Song 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

March 26, 2015

UPDATE: "Bitch Better Have My Money" is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Rihanna has released "Bitch Better Have My Money," the second single off her forthcoming, as-yet-untitled eighth album. After teasing the song's cover...


Rihanna, Zac Brown Band to Headline March Madness Music Fest

March 16, 2015

UPDATE: Imagine Dragons, Weezer and Cold War Kids have been added as part of Friday, April 3rd's AT&T Block Party, while Passion Pit will join previously announced performers Rihanna and Bleachers on Saturday's Coke Zero Countdown Concert. Country...


Kanye West Brings Out Rihanna, Travis Scott at FYF Fest

August 23, 2015

Although Kanye West was a last-minute replacement at Los Angeles' FYF Fest, the rapper still had some surprises in store for the festival as he welcomed both Rihanna and Travis Scott to the stage during his Saturday set. Rihanna joined...


Matt Barnes 'Really Knows' Rihanna, Big Baby Says

August 19, 2015

Don't worry, Matt Barnes: Big Baby's got your back. Three days ago, after rumors began swirling that Barnes and Rihanna might be an item – rumors Barnes himself didn't exactly downplay, telling TMZ that they had "passed the crush stage" –...


Hear Korn Turn Rihanna Into Headbanger on 'Bitch' Remix

July 10, 2015

Rihanna's violent, bloody, nudity-streaked video for "Bitch Better Have My Money" is already the frontrunner for NSFW Video of the Year, so how could she possibly make her revenge fantasy more extreme? Make it a heavy-metal rager. A new Korn remix...


Rihanna Drops NSFW Torture Video

July 2, 2015

Rihanna has dropped the action-packed and very NSFW video for her single "Bitch Better Have My Money." In it, she takes the song's lyrics literally as she attempts — and later succeeds — in getting her money through torture and extreme violence. Co-directed...


Watch Rihanna Get Political on 'American Oxygen' Video

April 6, 2015

UPDATE: Rihanna has released a soulful interlude to her as-yet-untitled new album titled "James Joint." The singer wrote on her site that the track is "in celebration of 420." After debuting "American Oxygen" at the March Madness Music...


Watch Rihanna Prank Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel

April 2, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel experiences many perks by being a famous late-night talk show host, one of which is now "Private Rihanna concert in his bedroom." The consummate prankster became the victim when the singer visited his show Wednesday night. "I'm a...


Watch Madonna, Taylor Swift Perform 'Ghosttown' Together

March 30, 2015

The 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards promised there would be "unexpected collaborations" between the marquee artists attending the Los Angeles event, and the ceremony didn't disappoint as Taylor Swift joined Madonna for an acoustic rendition...


Rihanna Drops Two New Songs From Dreamworks' 'Home'

March 19, 2015

Rihanna has released two new songs, "As Real As You and Me" and "Dancing In the Dark," both of which can be heard over on Miss Info and will appear on the Rihanna-curated soundtrack to Home, an upcoming Dreamworks animated film also starring...


Madonna, Rihanna to Perform at iHeartRadio Awards

March 9, 2015

The iHeartRadio Music Awards usually rival the Grammys and VMAs when it comes to star power, and this year's ceremony at the Shrine in Los Angeles keeps that tradition alive by featuring performances by Madonna, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Sam...