Inside R. Kelly's Most Adventurous Album Ever

November 5, 2015

"I'm not in no lane," says R. Kelly. "I'm music and I just want people to know me as music. Not some R&B guy." Bearded and nursing a cigar, the 48-year-old singer-songwriter-producer is at New York's Jungle City Studios one September night, spinning...


R. Kelly Partners With Lil Wayne, Jeremih on 'Switch Up'

October 27, 2015

R. Kelly has enlisted Lil Wayne and Jeremih for the rapid-fire "Switch Up," the latest offering from the R&B star's upcoming LP, The Buffet. Built around a potent combination of dainty string plucks, booming bass and scattershot...


R. Kelly Hosts Mansion Blowout in 'Backyard Party' Video

October 20, 2015

In August, R. Kelly dropped "Backyard Party," his groovy ode to summer cookouts, weekends and kicking back with friends. The single is the first off Kelly's upcoming LP, The Buffet, and today, the singer has shared his celebratory video...


Watch an NFL Rookie Totally Slay R. Kelly's 'Bump N' Grind'

August 7, 2015

Despite not hearing his name called in the 2015 NFL Draft, Trey Williams is still getting his shot at the pros, as the former Texas A&M back is currently in training camp with the Washington Redskins. He's somewhat of a long shot to stick around...



10 Craziest Takeaways From the Aaliyah Lifetime Movie

November 17, 2014

Is there a better way to honor a talented, still rising star who was taken from us too soon than an unauthorized Lifetime biopic? Yes, there are absolutely countless ways to pay tribute the late, great Aaliyah than a messy "biographical" movie that merely...


R. Kelly to Release House Music Album

July 15, 2014

R. Kelly will bring his musical talents to the world of house music, telling a crowd at the Chosen Few DJs Picnic in Chicago that he was at work on a new album inspired by the music created in his hometown in the late 1970s, NME reports. Watch R. Kelly...


Lady Gaga's NSFW Video Surfaces Online

June 19, 2014

An explicit, 30-second clip of the video for "Do What U Want," Lady Gaga's Artpop duet with R. Kelly, has surfaced online via TMZ. Last year, photographer Terry Richardson, who shot Miley Cyrus's nudity-saturated "Wrecking Ball" clip, masterminded the...


Gaga and Xtina Drop 'Do What U Want’

January 2, 2014

Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera have taken their "Do What U Want" collaboration one step further and released an official version of the reinterpreted Artpop single. Their duet – on which Aguilera replaces original singer R. Kelly on the hook -...


R. Kelly Kicked Off Ohio Music Fest

July 29, 2014

R. Kelly has decided not to perform at Columbus, Ohio's Fashion Meets Music Festival, following scrutiny from local press, a radio station that withdrew its sponsorship and a band that backed out of its slot over the R&B singer's past legal strife...


Aaliyah Biopic Will Include R. Kelly Marriage Details

June 23, 2014

The upcoming Lifetime network biopic on late R&B artist Aaliyah will include information about her contentious relationship with R. Kelly, the New York Post reports. The two singers were allegedly – and illegally – married in...


R. Kelly to Drop 'White Panties'

March 4, 2014

R. Kelly's 2013 album Black Panties debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 and has gone on to sell more than 300,000 copies. In light of the album's success, the singer told V Magazine that he is planning a sequel entitled White Panties. R....



R. Kelly Details 'Black Panties' Process

December 14, 2013

When R. Kelly dropped by the Rolling Stone offices last month, he did more than just invent immortal R&B classics like "Sex Dolphin" on the spot. He also talked to us about the creative process behind his latest album, Black Panties, which he dropped...


Hear RZA's Nelson Mandela Tribute

December 12, 2013

RZA has offered up a new song in honor of Nelson Mandela, the South African leader who passed away last week, recording and releasing "Gift of Hope" with singer Will Wells. You can listen to the entire track below, which features a simple piano part...

Album Review

Black Panties

December 10, 2013

On his past two albums, R&B's most shameless lover man abandoned his shtick in favor of lovelorn, PG-rated retro soul. But the 2011 throat surgery that saved R. Kelly's voice clearly also reignited his libido, because on Black Panties, he stops lighting...


R. Kelly Gets 'Trapped in the Closet' Again

December 4, 2013

R. Kelly's drama-filled R&B soap opera Trapped in the Closet is headed to IFC with new chapters set to begin airing in 2014. Everyone from Rosie the Nosy Neighbor to Pimp Lucius are returning with "more secrets, infidelity and unyielding passion to...


Lady Gaga Documents 'Do What U Want' With Multimedia Bundle

November 26, 2013

The video for Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's duet "Do What U Want," which appears on the former's new record Artpop, will see release soon through a unique "BitTorrent Bundle" courtesy of the file sharing service and Vice. Directed by Terry Richardson, the...


Get Ready for an R. Kelly Christmas

December 12, 2013

R. Kelly fans looking for a more spiritual side to the R&B star are in luck. In an interview with Rap-Up, the singer revealed that he's been working on a Christmas album, which should be out in time for the 2014 holiday season.  See...


R. Kelly Cooks Up NSFW 'Cookie' Clip

December 10, 2013

R. Kelly's long-awaited new album Black Panties finally came out today and accompanying it is the certifiably sexy – and probably NSFW – video for album cut, "Cookie." The clip opens with Kellz adding a new member to his scantily clad house...


R. Kelly Honors Mandela on 'Arsenio'

December 6, 2013

Arsenio Hall dedicated his show last night to Nelson Mandela, who died yesterday at 95. During the program, R. Kelly also paid his respects, performing "Soldier's Heart" and talking about how the South African president had inspired him. "I sang...


R. Kelly Streams 'Black Panties'

December 2, 2013

R. Kelly's new album Black Panties is streaming now on ItemVN. It will come out officially on December 10th. Watch R. Kelly Sing Ridiculous Sex Songs Earlier this year, Kelly said that the album will find him returning to the sexually...