Hear Prince's Funky New Party Popper 'Stare'

July 30, 2015

Prince lets loose in his new tune "Stare," a funky string of party-friendly, double-entendre come-ons and callbacks to his past. He sings about going onstage in his underwear and calls back his 1986 smash "Kiss" and its scratchy guitar line, interspersed...


See Prince's Peaceful, Powerful 'Baltimore' Lyric Video

July 22, 2015

"Peace is more than the absence of war," Prince sings in "Baltimore," the protest song he released following the death of Charm City citizen Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody. A new lyric video for the song, which the track's singer Eryn...


Hear Prince's Psychedelic 'HARDROCKLOVER'

July 1, 2015

Prince's new song, "HARDROCKLOVER," opens not with the expected thunderous riff, but a minimalist synth pulse. The singer-guitarist surveys the hazy scene at a party, "in between this waking life and R.E.M." – but when the title lover walks in the...


Hear Prince's Dance Rally 4 Peace Paisley Park Concert

May 13, 2015

On May 2nd, Prince hosted a Dance Rally 4 Peace at his Paisley Park Studios outside Minneapolis to honor Freddie Gray and support those protesting in Baltimore. In very un-Prince-like fashion, the singer has now shared a soundboard recording of that...


Hear Prince's Freddie Gray Protest Song 'Baltimore'

May 9, 2015

Prince will perform at his special Rally 4 Peace event Sunday night in Baltimore, and before he takes the stage, the rocker unveiled his protest song "Baltimore." Prince dropped his new track, inspired by the death of Freddie Gray and the...


'Purple Rain' Falls on the Sahara in African Adaptation

May 8, 2015

In one of the most memorable scenes from Purple Rain, Prince takes his new-in-town romantic interest for a walk in the Minnesota countryside. As the woman (played by singer and model Apollonia Kotero) opens up about her showbiz dreams, the hero makes...


Kendrick Lamar Recorded Unreleased Song With Prince

April 1, 2015

Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly has been a commercial and critical success, but he almost added one more iconic voice to the final product. In an interview with Hot 97, Lamar revealed that he recorded with Prince, but was "pressed...

Live Review

Prince Gets 'Too Funky' at Hit and Run Tour Opener

March 16, 2015

The splits are gone and the high, spiky boots replaced with metallic wedges that flash red in the heels. And his lascivious moments are toned way down, limited to three derriere wiggles and, for a second, what looked to be a simulated wanking. But at...


Prince Steals the 2015 Grammys With Just One Sneer

February 9, 2015

Cue the Prince Face — it was gloom night at the Grammys. Prince greeted the crowd last night with a magnificent smirk, cutting through hours of sanctimonious blather with one baby-I'm-a-star eyeroll. It summed up the whole night. After last year's...


Inside Prince and Stevie Wonder's Top-Secret White House Gig

June 19, 2015

Having performed at the White House in the past, James Taylor was prepared to deal with reporters and cameramen as his car service pulled up to the building's security gate on Saturday, June 13th. Instead, it was all quiet. "I thought there was going...

Live Review

Prince Goes in at Baltimore Show: 'The System Is Broken'

May 11, 2015

Two weeks after protests in Baltimore brought national attention to the death of Freddie Gray while he was in police custody, Prince came to town for a "Rally 4 Peace" – a surprise concert that turned into an epic two-and-a-half-hour...


Tidal Will Stream Prince's Baltimore Show for Free

May 8, 2015

Jay Z's music streaming service Tidal will provide free live audio of Prince's Rally 4 Peace event at Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena this Sunday. Along with their 60-minute stream of Prince's show, Tidal have also promised to "match...


Prince Books Rally 4 Peace Concert in Baltimore

May 6, 2015

Now that the curfew has been lifted in Baltimore, Prince is throwing a party. The 1999 singer will perform at Baltimore's Royal Farms Arena this Mother's Day, May 10th as part of his Rally 4 Peace event, an effort to unify the people of Baltimore...


Prince Sued Over Judith Hill's Debut Album Download

March 28, 2015

A producer for singer Judith Hill has filed a lawsuit against Prince after the singer e-mailed a free download link to Hill's album via Live Nation's mailing list. Jolene Cherry filed her suit Friday in Los Angeles, claiming that Hill was already...


Prince Teases First Date of 'Hit and Run' US Tour

March 6, 2015

UPDATE: Prince has added another date to his pop-up Hit & Run tour, booking a May 19th gig at Toronto's Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Tickets for the concert go on sale Monday, May 18th at noon local time at Live Nation. Like the Hit &...



10 Things We Learned About Prince's 'Purple Rain'

December 31, 2014

Dig if you will the picture: 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain, and the glorious summer when Prince simultaneously had the Number One single, album and movie in the USA. Alan Light (author of The Holy or the Broken, and a Rolling Stone veteran)...


20 Biggest, Boldest Comebacks of 2014

December 11, 2014

Looking back on the year gone by, it's tempting to celebrate the emerging trends, fresh faces and new ideas that shaped the past 12 months. But for a moment, let's also tip our cap to the old — the wily veterans who had been gone too long or seemingly...


Watch Prince's Incredible Eight-Minute 'SNL' Medley

November 2, 2014

The last time Prince had eight uninterrupted minutes on national television, he was performing at the Super Bowl XLI halftime show in 2007. While that gig featured greatest hits like "1999," "Purple Rain" and Let's Go Crazy," Prince's Saturday...


20 Best R&B Albums of 2014

December 15, 2014

R&B in 2014 was rife with breathy, spellbinding debuts and breathless, gonzo reinventions, from the mesmerizing coos of FKA Twigs and Tinashe to the fearless travelogues of Mary J. Blige (who went to London) and Prince (who went to Mars). Old favorites...


Watch Prince Crash Jazz Band's Beatles Cover

December 3, 2014

It doesn't matter if Prince is on the bill or in the audience – if the Purple One decides he wants to rip out a guitar solo, you must oblige. The R&B/funk legend was recently in attendance at the W Hollywood Hotel's jazz night and decided...