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Prince Talks: The Silence Is Broken

September 12, 1985

John Nelson turns sixty-nine today, and all the semiretired piano man wants for his birthday is to shoot some pool with his firstborn son. "He's real handy with a cue," says Prince, laughing, as he threads his old white T-Bird through his old black neighborhood...


Stepping Out: Mick Jagger Goes Solo

February 14, 1985

Mick Jagger, it seems, cannot sit still. Seated behind a console at the Power Station in New York, Jagger is fidgeting with strips of paper that have the song titles for his new solo album written on them. Over and over, he rearranges them, in search...


Prince's Hot Rock: The Secret Life Of America's Sexiest One-Man Band

April 28, 1983

Good Evening, this is your pilot, Prince, speaking" comes out of the loudspeakers, all softness and breath, full of welcome. It's a flight you may not have taken before. Brace yourself, he ought to say. This is "International Lover," something the globe-conquering...


Prince Reigns

August 30, 1984

Below is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared in RS 429 from August 30, 1984. This issue and the rest of the Rolling Stone archives are available via Rolling Stone Plus, Rolling Stone's premium subscription plan. If you are already a subscriber,...