Album Review

Wowee Zowee

February 2, 1998

What does a defiantly anti-corporate rock band do when it starts getting too much attention? In Pavement's case, they recoil. After a few ambitiously experimental though eminently tuneful releases — two singles and a 10-inch — for the tiny...



Q&A: Pavement's Stephen Malkmus on Thrift Store Shopping, Selling Out

March 20, 1997

Pavement's inscrutable Stephen Malkmus is said to be the smartest guy in rock & roll. Courtney Love calls the lanky frontman "the Grace Kelly of rock." Interviewers describe him as snide, arrogant, aloof, melancholy. Actually, as he sips his mint...

Album Review

Brighten The Corners

February 20, 1997
Not Rated

It's not easy being a songwriter who matters when no one knows what you're talking about. But, at his best, Pavement's Stephen Malkmus pulls it off. Depending on how linear he's feeling, Malkmus' lyrics range in difficulty from Myst conundrums to Jackson...


Album Review

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

February 24, 1994

Rock is dead — long live rock. The Who introduced this contradictory sentiment 20 years ago, around the time of punk's birth, and Pavement revive it for punk's rebirth — and not a moment too soon — on their stunning new album, Crooked...


Album Review

No Alternative

November 11, 1993
Not Rated

It's 1993, and Alternative Rock is in full bloom; unfortunately, so is the horror of the AIDS epidemic. Producers Paul Heck, Jessica Kowal and Rolling Stone Senior Writer Chris Mundy have corralled 21 of the biggest names in the alternative universe and...

Album Review

Westing (By Musket and Sextant)

September 2, 1993

Imagine a world in which Sonic Youth aren't smug, the Fall don't think they're literary, Tommy James has had it with playing to the kiddies and Iggy Pop hits all the notes. Now imagine they're all one band. That band is Pavement, whose Slanted and Enchanted...