Pavement Reveal "Quarantine" Greatest Hits Track List

January 25, 2010

Pavement have revealed the 23 songs that will comprise their first greatest hits compilation, Quarantine the Past. As Rolling Stone previously reported, the reunited slack-rockers opened up a contest where fans tried to predict the album's track list;...


Pavement Ready Best-Of Disc, Ask Fans to Guess the Track List

January 5, 2010

Just one week after embarking on their anticipated reunion tour, Pavement will release their first-ever greatest hits compilation Quarantine the Past: The Best of Pavement. The collection, in stores March 8th, will span 1989 to 1999, from their debut...


Jay-Z, Muse, Gorillaz, Pavement Booked for 2010 Coachella Fest

January 19, 2010

Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz will serve as headliners at the 2010 Coachella Music and Arts Festival, taking place in Indio, California, April 16th to 18th. Reunions and supergroups highlight the lineup, as Pavement, the Specials, Sly & The Family Stone...



Pavement Reunion Confirmed for 2010

September 17, 2009

Every year, that "Pavement reunion" rumor comes around, and every year it's a load of hooey, right? Right. Until now. Because this time it's true. Via an exclusive Rolling Stone interview, in a late-night call from Australia, Pavement guitarist Scott...


Pavement Nearly Reunite At Nashville Wedding Party

February 23, 2009

Fans clamoring for a Pavement reunion since the seminal indie-rock band parted ways in 1999 almost had their wish fulfilled this weekend as four of the five members descended on a Nashville club to celebrate the marriage of former percussionist Bob Nastanovich,...


Album Review

Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition

December 11, 2008

In 1997, these slacker romantics slowed things down and serenaded their fans, delivering an album short on noise and long on artfully dissonant ballads. Stephen Malkmus worked softy sentimentality even into his funniest lines, rhyming "quasar in the mist"...



Tangled Up in Dylans

October 19, 2006

The year is 1966, and someone who looks a lot like Bob Dylan is holding court at Club Silver, a swinging nightspot with a stark, all-white décor. His hair is an overgrown bush of brown curls; he's wearing Ray-Bans and a polka-dot shirt. And when...



Malkmus Brings "Truth"

February 2, 2005

Stephen Malkmus will release Face the Truth, his third album since splitting with Pavement, on May 24th. The album was recorded in Malkmus' Portland, Oregon, basement and mixed in a studio by Phil Ek (Built to Spill, the Shins). Face the Truth finds...


Album Review

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain : L.A.'s Desert Origins

November 25, 2004

Pavement may have been alternative rock's most notorious mess, but this deluxe reissue of their best album, appended with nearly forty extra tracks, illuminates one of their precious gifts: Like nobody else, the Stockton, California, band could make simple...


Album Review

Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe

October 8, 2002

Oh, the summer of '92. "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover." Kris Kross. Nirvana. Dylan and Kelly finally made out at the beach on 90210, while Brenda was off in Paris. All summer long, we sang along to the songs of Pavement, and every word we sang we knew...


Stephen Malkmus Gets Weird

July 2, 2002

Stephen Malkmus is recording his second solo album at Bear Creek Studios in Seattle. "Five of the twelve [songs] could have been on the last album," Malkmus says. "And they would have fit with the more melodic, standard-tuning, slightly traditional songs....



Pavement's Malkmus Connects With Elastica's Frischmann

December 20, 2000

On the brink of releasing his first solo effort since the dissolution of Pavement, singer Stephen Malkmus has asked Elastica's Justine Frischmann to join his touring band. Old pals, the two had previously worked together when Malkmus guested with Elastica...


Album Review

Terror Twilight

June 24, 1999

For ten years, Pavement's Stephen Malkmus has been rock & roll's greatest expressionist, his work marked by an emotional clarity all the more impressive for the way it stays doggedly fuzzy around the edges. Terror Twilight is his most direct statement...


Pavement Release 'Terror Twilight'

June 8, 1999

Comparing a band's sound to the Beatles isn't normally construed as a slam, but, then again, normalcy's never been Pavement's forte.| Not that Pavement routinely get confused with the Fab Four, but there is a progression on "Spit on a Stranger," the first...


Pavement Battle the Odds In New York

June 22, 1999

Maybe it was the way in which Steve Malkmus' voice kept threatening to disappear over the course of the evening.| Perhaps it was the fear exuded by a room packed with worshipful rock critics thinking that sooner or later someone in this band will wake...


Pavement's 'More Accessible' Gold Soundz

January 30, 1999

A few seconds lapse before producer Nigel Godrich picks up the phone. In that time, the familiar sound of Pavement's desultory guitar wails echo in the background. Already, it's obvious Godrich hasn't performed a sonic lobotomy on the band's archetypal...


Album Review

Wowee Zowee

February 2, 1998

What does a defiantly anti-corporate rock band do when it starts getting too much attention? In Pavement's case, they recoil. After a few ambitiously experimental though eminently tuneful releases — two singles and a 10-inch — for the tiny...



Q&A: Pavement's Stephen Malkmus on Thrift Store Shopping, Selling Out

March 20, 1997

Pavement's inscrutable Stephen Malkmus is said to be the smartest guy in rock & roll. Courtney Love calls the lanky frontman "the Grace Kelly of rock." Interviewers describe him as snide, arrogant, aloof, melancholy. Actually, as he sips his mint...

Album Review

Brighten The Corners

February 20, 1997
Not Rated

It's not easy being a songwriter who matters when no one knows what you're talking about. But, at his best, Pavement's Stephen Malkmus pulls it off. Depending on how linear he's feeling, Malkmus' lyrics range in difficulty from Myst conundrums to Jackson...


Album Review

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

February 24, 1994

Rock is dead — long live rock. The Who introduced this contradictory sentiment 20 years ago, around the time of punk's birth, and Pavement revive it for punk's rebirth — and not a moment too soon — on their stunning new album, Crooked...