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Definitely Maybe [Reissue]

May 19, 2014

Twenty years on, Oasis' debut remains one of the most gloriously loutish odes to cigarettes, alcohol and dumb guitar solos that the British Isles have ever coughed up. This deluxe three-disc reissue captures the madness of the Gallagher brothers' early...

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Dig Out Your Soul

October 16, 2008

From the beginning, Oasis' greatest strength and most glaring weakness has been shamelessness — the belief that no classic-rock riff is too timeworn, no Beatles allusion too banal to merit blasting out at top volume. At its best, this brutish approach...

Album Review

Heathen Chemistry

June 6, 2002

As the principal songwriter of Oasis, Noel Gallagher may have gone as far as he can with the pop song. In the past decade he has written epic anthems and earnest love odes and impossibly sticky melodies that were inescapable on the radio. And yet, for...

Album Review

The Masterplan

November 17, 1998

One day we may look back, in wonder if not in anger, at the collective hallucination that heralded Oasis as the new Beatles; notwithstanding the soaring euphoria of songs like "Live Forever" and "Wonderwall." Given the backlash against lads rock that...

Album Review

Be Here Now

September 4, 1997

If the art of rock — and of making great rock records — is essentially a matter of putting the right notes in the right order over a good beat at top volume, then "D'You Know What I Mean?," Oasis opening broadside on Be Here Now, is seven...

Album Review

Crown of Creation

October 26, 1968
Not Rated

The Jefferson Airplane, for all their commercial success and artistic importance, have had a peculiarly checkered recording career; after hearing each album in toto one gets the impression that it somehow could have been better — even if what we...

Album Review

Don't Believe The Truth

June 2, 2005

Watching Oasis' precipitous decline from Brit-pop superstardom has sort of been like watching the Yankees blow it last October: You knew they had it coming, but it was still kind of sad to see. Don't Believe the Truth, their seventh album, isn't the comeback...

Album Review

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

March 16, 2000

With 1997's Bloated Be Here Now, Oasis parked themselves in a retro cul-de-sac; the band's second-coming-of-Beatlemania shtick was running on fumes, and more-forward-looking bands zipped by, fueled by funked-up hip-hop and electro dance beats. Standing...

Album Review

Definitely Maybe

February 2, 1998
Not Rated

Not since the smiths has an Anglo act shaken significant Stateside action. And that's a shame. For while the current cadre is more defiantly British (e.g., insular, cocky, ornamental) than ever, they're also keenly fab. The countless Yanks who never...

Album Review

(What's The Story) Morning Glory?

October 19, 1995

Many new rock bands leave the starting gate with fists flying, eager to batter down obstacles on the road to stardom. But few have been as hands-on as Oasis. In England the band's popularity has almost as much to do with the number of black eyes and bloody...