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Album Review

The Waterfall

May 5, 2015

My Morning Jacket are contrarians: Southern rockers who have no truck with Nashville, jam-nation heroes who don't really jam, classic-rock acolytes with indie-rock sensibilities. It's made them a genre of one, and a band that can tap the past without...

Live Review

My Morning Jacket Play First U.S. Shows in Two Years

April 9, 2015

Close to 11 p.m. Tuesday night at Louisville, Kentucky’s Headliners Music Hall, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James looked over the 600-capacity hometown crowd of friends, family and fan-club members who scored tickets to the surprise...

Album Review

True Blood: Music From the HBO Original Series Volume 4

June 17, 2013

Reverence ain't exactly a hallmark of True Blood, the decadently soapy (and raunchy) HBO series. Although this soundtrack shows a certain fealty to familiar names and indie faves – Jenny Lewis duets with Eric Burdon, Bethany Cosentino pogos with...

Song Review

"Holdin On to Black Metal"

April 26, 2011

"Oh Black Metal you're so misunderstood," Jim James sings on this ode to Lucifer's favorite racket. Putting any actual metal in a song about metal would be way too obvious for these genre-bending Southern boys. So on "Black Metal" — the latest offering...

Album Review

Evil Urges

June 12, 2008

"Evil urges, baby," squeals Jim James in the title track of his band's fifth studio album. "They be part of the human way!" A slinky funk strut delivered in Prince-like falsetto that blows up into aproggy Southern-rock guitar duel, "Evil Urges" rallies...

Album Review


October 20, 2005

America is a lot closer to getting its own Radiohead, and it isn't Wilco. My Morning Jacket, from Louisville, Kentucky, have been on the road to their OK Computer for a while; imagine "My Iron Lung" soaked in sour mash and you're pretty close to the massed-guitar...

Album Review

Let It Bleed

December 27, 1969
Not Rated

Let It Bleed is the last album by the Stones we'll see before the Sixties, already gone really, become the Seventies; it has the crummiest cover art since Flowers, with a credit sheet that looks like it was designed by the United States Government Printing...

Song Review

"Waiting in Vain (Jim James remix)"

June 18, 2013

My Morning Jacket's frontman contributes this minimalist reworking to the dubious Legend remix project, keeping Marley's original vocals foregrounded and largely intact, adding squishy old-school keyboards, burly drums and little else. A smart move that...

Album Review


May 26, 2011

"I can see potential/Speaking through you/Speaking to you/ From all of heaven's possibility," My Morning Jacket's Jim James sings at the opening of his band's sixth album. He sounds like a hippie shaman, but the track is more Radiohead than the Doors:...

Song Review


April 12, 2011

A shimmering curtain of Eno-incensed atmospherics, a muted kick drum, a dry guitar figure. Then Jim James, dressed in reverb, declares he is "going back to my childhood way." And so he does on a track that recalls 2001's At Dawn more than 2008's genre-hopping...

Album Review


October 16, 2006

My Morning Jacket became one of last year's biggest indie-rock success stories with Z, on which the Louisville quintet ditched its meandering, reverb-gobbed backwoods sound in favor of something both more epic and more focused that wedded classic rock...

Album Review

It Still Moves

September 9, 2003

Inside the oceanic reverb that soaks every twang and sigh on It Still Moves, the third album by the Louisville, Kentucky, quintet My Morning Jacket, is a first-class acid-country Radiohead swimming slowly to the surface. The group's lack of hurry can...