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Saints Of Los Angeles

June 26, 2008

All the filth and fury of their Eighties heyday, finally funneled into an album Mötley Cüe have created a cottage industry out of rehashing their excesses: Their tales of debauchery have already fueled dozens of books and astandard-bearing episode...

Album Review

Red, White & Crue

February 10, 2005

Don't even suggest that the world was not desperately awaiting a Motley Crue reunion. Because it was, and they knew it, which is why the Crue is back, with all four original members hitting the road to violate each other's probations and respect each...

Album Review

Generation Swine

June 26, 1997

Last year, '80s metal stalwarts Motley Crue announced that they were getting back together with original vocalist Vince Neil, who acrimoniously left the band, in 1992. They claimed that the reunion would lead them in a new direction that would defy expectations...

Album Review

Theatre Of Pain

September 12, 1985
Not Rated

Heavy metal is the idiot-bastard spawn of rock, the eternal embarrassment that will not die. It's music that doesn't care what you think. Like some mythical beast that's part tyrannosaur — slow-moving and pea brained — and part Hydra —...

Album Review

New Tattoo

August 17, 2000

Call it the Justine Bateman principle: If you were famous in the Eighties, you will never, never be unfamous again. Back in the day, Duran Duran and Motley Crue were ringing tubular radio bells, shaking their heroic hair and cranking out pop hits. It...

Album Review

Motley Crue

April 21, 1994

"Power to the music in the streets," demand the Crue on the kickoff tune of their new album. But they're really celebrating the power of the Zeitgeist, the minute changes in the musical winds that have kept the band aloft all this time — from its...

Album Review

Shout At The Devil

February 16, 1984

Like most self-styled bad-boy bands, Motley Crue look meaner than they sound. With their layers of leather and carefully applied makeup, their look suggests all the implied violence required of teenybopper antiheroes. But the music the Crue use to back...