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Live Review

Muerte al DJ!: Mexrrissey Reimagines the Smiths

May 12, 2015

Oh, Manchester: Tanto para expiar. The Mexrrissey project celebrates the long, strange love connection between Morrissey and his Mexican fans. Mexrrissey played the Brooklyn Academy of Music Sunday night, just a couple of years after Morrissey himself...

Album Review

World Peace Is None of Your Business

July 15, 2014

Being misunderstood is Morrissey's great joy in life, as he keeps proving in World Peace – a much stronger album than fans were expecting at this point. The fantastic title song is a doo-wop rant against cops, governments, armies, etc. Moz doesn't...

Album Review

Your Arsenal

February 25, 2014

In his recent Autobiography, Morrissey rails against just about any criticism of his work – except those lobbed at 1991's atypically reserved Kill Uncle, which shocked him into making the next year's far more forceful Your Arsenal. Produced by former...

Album Review

Years of Refusal

February 5, 2009

Age can undermine lesser rockers. But time's cruel toll just validates Morrissey's morbid drama-queen spiels — to paraphrase a lyric from his old band the Smiths, he has earned it, baby. Of course, he'd be insufferable if he wasn't also so hilarious....

Album Review

Live At Earls Court

April 7, 2005

It's been nearly twenty years since the Smiths broke up, but the band's passionate, sensitive fans have never quite gotten over it. On this live set from 2004, Morrissey — who is slowly turning into a British New Wave version of Frank Sinatra —...

Album Review

World Of Morrissey

February 2, 1998

Blur, Pulp, the London Suede. Monsters in England but mice stateside, these bands prompt the query "Why hasn't any British band since Duran Duran scored more than fleeting success in America?" The answer may lie in the Morrissey Effect. His '80s group...

Album Review

Southpaw Grammar

October 5, 1995

Morrissey is feeling miserable. That shouldn't surprise anyone. But what may surprise some is that Morrissey's new album, Southpaw Grammar, is his most powerful solo outing to date. Actually, solo album is a bit of a misnomer because, like Morrissey's...

Album Review

Kill Uncle

August 22, 1991

As lead singer of the Smiths, Morrissey was a virtual postmodern Sylvia Plath. Superimposing lyrics of alienation and insecurity over a punk-inspired jangle of guitars — courtesy of Johnny Marr — he articulated gloom to a loyal school of devotees....

Album Review

Viva Hate

May 19, 1988

All by his lonesome self, The Smiths' founder might be expected to dig into his well-documented obsessions and really wallow. Surprisingly, the wailing soul's solo debut is a tight, fairly disciplined affair. Viva Hate reveals the talents of its maker:...

Album Review

Louder Than Bombs

May 21, 1987
Not Rated

Morrissey is modern pop's most creative masochist. From the start, the Smiths' singer and lyricist knew how to turn self-loathing into a virtue — by redeeming it with humor. Now after three U.S. albums establishing that M.O., this double package...

Album Review

Meat is Murder

May 23, 1985
Not Rated

Lead singer and wordsmith Stephen Morrissey (who goes by his surname professionally) is a man on a mission, a forlorn and brooding crusader with an arsenal of personal axes to grind. Drawing on British literary and cinematic tradition (he cites influences...

Live Review

Morrissey's Tour Launch Features Stage-Invading Fans

May 8, 2014

From the moment Morrissey announced his 2014 North American tour dates in February, the jokes started rolling across social media about the inevitable cancellations, which have become a hallmark of the former Smiths singer's recent solo career as a result...

Song Review

"Action Is My Middle Name"

June 28, 2011

The Mozzer recently announced that he has a new album all ready to go – just no label to release it. (Label? What is this, the freaking Nineties?) Morrissey debuted three of the new tracks live on BBC radio. Each song is in the heavy glam-rock...

Album Review

Ringleader Of The Tormentors

April 12, 2006

Formerly famous for proclaiming his own celibacy while writing richly frustrated songs of unrequited longing, Morrissey announces on his eighth solo studio album a long-overdue sexual awakening. ""There are explosive kegs between my legs,"" the former...

Album Review

You Are The Quarry

May 13, 2004

The six solo albums that Stephen Patrick Morrissey has released since the Smiths broke up are models of iconoclastic British record making. Occasionally these albums have been goosed by hot producers, sometimes they have glam-rocked up a storm, but generally...

Album Review


August 14, 1997

Heaven knows Morrissey is still miserable. True to form on his sixth solo album, Maladjusted, the Mozz pens lyrics that range from laughably snide ("I don't get along with myself/And I'm not too keen on anyone else") to laughably insufferable ("I praise...

Album Review

Your Arsenal

October 29, 1992

Mope no more. forsaking the cozy glow of cult-hero worship on his fourth solo album, Morrissey hurls himself into the cold cruel rock mainstream. Your Arsenal is the most direct — and outwardly directed — statement he's made since disbanding...

Album Review


November 17, 1988

Rank, a concert album from the late, great Smiths, offers the liveliest postmortem imaginable. Rather than being an exploitative rehash, it realizes the greatest goal of a live album, namely, to offer a full reinterpretation of a band's work. The songs...

Album Review

Strangeways, Here We Come

December 3, 1987
Not Rated

"This story is old — I know/But it goes on," bleats Morrissey on the Smiths' fifth album. Perhaps it will, but not in this form. Recorded last spring, before guitarist Johnny Marr left the band (followed in turn by Morrissey's announcement that...

Album Review

The Queen is Dead

September 11, 1986
Not Rated

"Has the world changed/or have I changed?" Morrissey asks on "The Queen Is Dead," the opening cut on the Smiths' third U.S. album, and for once it's not a rhetorical question. Not that he's forsaken his hobbies or anything: this LP has songs about being...