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Justin Bieber: Mannish Boy

August 2, 2012

The Calabasas Country Club is a good place for a celebrity who doesn't want to be seen: exclusive enough to have a guard and a gate, but not sexy enough to be a paparazzi magnet. The initiation fees here run a modest $25,000, as opposed to, say, a more...


Deep Inside the Unreal World of Lady Gaga

June 9, 2011

In a dark, airless studio control room on the third floor of a downtown-Manhattan office building, Lady Gaga is clutching a toy unicorn and talking about Rocky IV. She's eight hours away from finishing vocals for her third album, Born This Way, which...


Justin Timberlake: The Bachelor

January 23, 2003

A month to the day after the release of his solo album, Justified, which has sold more than 1 million copies, and ten days after the debut of his controversial ex-girl-friend-slamming "Cry Me a River" video, Justin Timberlake rolls himself out of...


Michael Jackson: Life as a Man In the Magical Kingdom

February 17, 1983

It's noon, and somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, the front shades of a row of condos are lowered against a hazy glare. Through the metal gate, the courtyard is silent, except for the distant splat of a fountain against its plastic basin. Then comes...


Funk's Founding Father: James Brown, 1933-2006

January 25, 2007

On Christmas morning, James Brown breathed his last in an Atlanta hospital. For a man whose trademark soul scream – black, American and proud – upended a half century of popular music, the end was uncharacteristically quiet. Congestive heart...


Michael Jackson: Trouble in Paradise?

March 15, 1984

"Jacksons! Jacksons! Jacksons!" The din inside Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium is more than deafening. It is awesome, all-engulfing: the adoring roar of 3000 fans. The reunited brothers are not giving a concert; they are filming the final sequence of...