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The Very Best Of Little Richard

July 28, 2008

In a quietly hysterical era as defined by fear as the one we're living in today, it took an unrepentantly effeminate Macon, Georgia man known as "Little Richard" to slap some sense into a McCarthy-hounded, Cold War-traumatized 1950s America. Barely controlled...

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Get Down With It: The Okeh Sessions

August 19, 2004

Recorded in Hollywood in 1966-67, this last-ditch attempt at an album career for the rock giant resulted in these fiery tracks, funked up by Johnny "Guitar" Watson's fretwork. One highlight: Richard's hair-raising vocals on the Motown staple "Money" effectively...

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Greatest Hits [Onyx]

July 26, 1969
Not Rated

A drum roll, a pause, and then the eight or nine piece band breaks into a funky R&B progression. "Good evenin' Ladies and Gen'lmen," yells a gravel-voiced black MC. "Welcome to the Okeh Club. We're featuring here tonight — the king of rock and...

Album Review

Little Richard: Kings of Rock'n'Roll Series

November 25, 1971
Not Rated

Little Richard is perfect for the late night TV freak circuit: he's funny, loud, outrageous, superficial even on important issues and willing to talk when he has absolutely nothing to say. Sometimes he'll even sing, but that's not necessary because, just...