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Watch Lily Allen's 'URL Badman' Video

July 2, 2014

Lily Allen's latest single, Sheezus standout "URL Badman," takes aim at trolling, gossip-whoring Internet bloggers via breezy synth-pop hooks. And the track's new music video follows a similar blueprint of snark and silliness: Directors The...


Watch Lily Allen's 'Sheezus' Video

April 23, 2014

"The game is changing," a yellow-eyed Lily Allen declares early in the colorful video for her latest single "Sheezus," which will appear on the album of the same name next month. Now, she's ready to join the pantheon of pop divas who have established...


Lily Allen Floats in Space in New Clip

February 7, 2014

Lily Allen described her new video, "Air Balloon," as "bullock on a budget" on Twitter, but at least that Bullock's budget could afford butterflies, zebras, a leopard, Windex and hippie burnouts. It also accounted for a floating-in-space scene that looks...


Lily Allen Returns With 'Hard Out Here'

November 12, 2013

Finally, Lily Allen is back after a several-year hiatus from music, and now you can check out the video for her new track "Hard Out Here." The video opens with Allen on an operating table, her manager ringing various late night tv hosts without any...


Lily Allen's Wild Night in 'Our Time' Vid

March 10, 2014

Lily Allen takes a taxi ride through the touristy parts of London in the video for "Our Time," a new song off her new album Sheezus, due out May 6th. The singer's friends, all played by Allen, join her in the car, turn up the synth-heavy, carefree party...


Hear Lily Allen's 'Girls' Track 'L8 CMMR'

February 6, 2014

The third season of Girls has been on a musical winning streak this year, as it has premiered new music by Beck, Miguel and Jenny Lewis. The latest is "L8 CMMR," a giddy, unreleased track by Lily Allen that also appears on the show's soundtrack, Girls...