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The Future According to Radiohead

February 7, 2008

Sunday afternoons, Thom Yorke enjoys taking his kids to Oxford University's Museum of Natural History, a stately, neo-Gothic building on the outskirts of the city center. They wander around the grand atrium, past the skull of the humpback whale, propped...


The Return of Led Zeppelin

December 13, 2007

On June 10th of this year, at 2:30 in the afternoon, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin   – guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones – met in a rehearsal space to play some songs. It was the first...


Led Zeppelin: Refueled and Reborn

February 23, 1995

It's as daunting a Rock & Roll sight as I've seen–or heard. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, supported by a taut, aggressive, young band, are blasting Led Zeppelin songs in a tiny rehearsal space above the Kings Head Pub on Fulham High Street, in...


Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Are Born, Not Made

November 3, 1977

He looks like he was drawn by the cartoonist Walter Lantz. The topknot isn't red; it's black. But he moves with a swagger, a cocky strut, and he has an appropriately manic giggle. What I mean is, no matter what his name, he'd still be known as Woody. The...


The Durable Led Zeppelin

March 13, 1975

John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bassist and keyboard player, was quietly playing backgammon and half listening to a phone-in radio talk show on New York FM. "I was in a club last night when someone asked me if I wanted to meet Jimmy Page," the show's...


The Long Shadow of Led Zeppelin

August 10, 2006

There is no other story in rock & roll like the story of Led Zeppelin because the story is an argument — about music, who makes it, who hears it and who judges its meanings. Mainly, though, it's an argument about the work, merits and life of...


Live Aid 1985: The Day the World Rocked

August 15, 1985

It was superstar heaven. Keith Richards was laughing and talking with Jimmy Page. A bodyguard handed Bob Dylan a beer. Across the room Jack Nicholson and Neil Young chatted. Andy Taylor, guitarist for Duran Duran and the Power Station, took a hit off...


The Rolling Stones: Jumping, Booming, Bumping, Grinding to a Halt

September 11, 1975

The Rolling Stones holed up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for their week in Los Angeles. I arrived on July 8th about 12 hours after the band, in the middle of the worst smog I've ever encountered. I got a sore throat and headache that lasted three weeks. Like...