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Johnny Cash: 1933-2003

October 16, 2003

For so long it seemed that even death would have to back off from a final confrontation with the daunting eminence of Johnny Cash. Even after the singer was found to have an incurable, degenerative disease in 1997, he did not back down. Despite frequent...


Bob Dylan in the Alley: The Alan J. Weberman Story

March 4, 1971

The coast looks clear for a fine afternoon among the garbage. Macdougal Street is almost empty of passers-by. The lights at Bob Dylan's house are off, indicating no one is home. Even the New York Sanitation Department is cooperating in its own inimitable...


Bob Dylan Talks: A Raw and Extensive First Rolling Stone Interview

November 29, 1969

They say Bob Dylan is the most secretive and elusive person in the entire rock & roll substructure, but after doing this interview, I think it would be closer to the point to say that Dylan, like John Wesley Harding, was "never known to make a foolish...