Jefferson Airplane Plan Psychedelic Merchandising Campaign

June 9, 2014

Jefferson Airplane were at the forefront of Sixties psych-rock – helping define the movement not only with mind-altering music, but trippy album covers and offbeat fashion. According to The Hollywood Reporter, licensing agency Epic Rights is...


Grace Slick's Festival Memories: Fearing Orgies and Getting Lit

May 23, 2014

During her tenure in Jefferson Airplane (and later Jefferson Starship and Starship), Grace Slick made history as one of the first women to front a rock & roll band. She also made a different kind of history as one of the few performers to appear at...



Joey Covington, Jefferson Airplane Drummer, Dead at 67

June 5, 2013

Joey Covington, a drummer who played with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, died yesterday in a car accident in Palm Springs, California. He was 67. According to a local CBS news station, Covington's sedan slammed into a wall on the side of the road,...


'Psylodelic' Museum Unearths Hippie Artifacts From Woodstock Era

April 9, 2013

A Haight-Ashbury Museum of Psychedelic Art and History is in development in San Francisco, but former Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen has beaten them to the idea. In June, Kaukonen will officially open the Psylodelic Museum, a collection...



Fricke's Picks: Top 2010 Reissues from Under the Radar

December 27, 2010

There are the big-box monsters and major-artist retrospectives, rightly celebrated in our year-end issue. Then there is the scholarship from under the radar and along the margins, those archaeological digs and passion projects that make a wider deeper...

Album Review

Live at the Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66

October 26, 2010

Grace Slick was the female face of psych rock. But she wasn't Jefferson Airplane's original frontwoman. This concert disc (one of four newly released shows) is the first official live album to feature Signe Anderson, whose style is more folk-blues mama...


Album Review

Jefferson Airplane: The Woodstock Experience

July 20, 2009

If it had all been sun-shine and clockwork, with a tidy profit on the morning after, no one would have said another word. Instead, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair, held August 15th to 17th, 1969, near Bethel, New York — a refugee-camp experience...



Jefferson Airplane's Spencer Dryden Dies

January 13, 2005

Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden died Tuesday at his home in Petaluma, California, after a battle with colon cancer. He was sixty-six. "It feels like Janis [Joplin] said, 'Take another little piece of my heart,'" Jefferson Airplane singer Grace...



Jefferson Airplane, Inc. Sues Founding Member Paul Kantner

June 26, 2000

Founding member of Jefferson Airplane Paul Kantner is being sued by Jefferson Airplane Inc., the band's corporate name of which Kantner is a shareholder. The suit, filed Thursday in San Francisco, alleges that Kantner has been performing under the band's...



Founding Member of Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape Dies

April 19, 1999

Alexander "Skip" Spence, one of the founding members of both Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape -- two of the Bay Area's most influential bands -- died on April 16th from lung cancer.| Spence, who would have turned fifty-three on Sunday, died at Dominican...


Album Review

Jefferson Airplane

October 19, 1989

Have you ever watched one of your favorite ballplayers trying to play long past his prime and felt embarrassed for him? Fans of the Jefferson Airplane will feel the same when they hear the seminal San Francisco band's reunion album after a seventeen-year...


Album Review

Surrealistic Pillow

August 27, 1987
Not Rated

No other studio record summed up the San Francisco rock aesthetic of the late Sixties better than the Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow. Half-live records like Quicksilver Messenger Service's Happy Trails and the Grateful Dead's Anthem of the Sun...



Jefferson Starship: The Miracle Rockers

January 1, 1976

Two windmills shorn of their vanes stand where Golden Gate Park meets the sea in San Francisco. Paul Kantner often detours to drive by them on his way to the black, cedar-pillared Jefferson Airplane House near the park. This city has always glowed a bit—a...


Album Review

Dragon Fly

January 2, 1975
Not Rated

For several years, the nucleus of the Airplane/Starship has been struggling to hold together a concept that didn't seem workable in the first place. The performing personalities of Slick and Kantner have long seemed much too cold-hearted to deal convincingly...


Album Review

Early Flight

July 18, 1974
Not Rated

Not surprisingly, what could well be the best Airplane album since the four-year-old Volunteers consists mainly of tracks from the mid-Sixties. To be sure, there is a boring blues jam, and the rejects from Takes Off, while competent, are not on a par...


Album Review

Thirty Seconds Over Winterland

May 24, 1973
Not Rated

It's a pretty good rock & roll album illustrating all the various strengths and weaknesses of this latest model 'Plane. As a live concert album (recorded last year in San Francisco and Chicago) it compares favorably with Bless Its Pointed Little Head,...


Album Review

Long John Silver

September 14, 1972
Not Rated

Well, here's another Jefferson Airplane album, and if you thought the last one had them baked into the mold of an absolutely stereotypic Airplane Sound, you may not even care to hear Long John Silver. It's not that they aren't capable of exciting music...


Album Review


November 11, 1971
Not Rated

Jefferson Airplane have been a subject of some contention ever since they abandoned their Summer of Love posture for music that aspired at once to both topicality and a degree of experimentation. If you love them, you know that they are one of the four...


Jefferson Airplane Grunts: 'Gotta Evolution'

September 30, 1971

For Jefferson Airplane, here in the fall of 1971, six years and a month since that first gig at the Matrix, it's like the title of the new Hedge & Donna album: Revolution, with a black-felt "X" over the "R." But in two thin strokes, so that the original...