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Album Review

Standing in the Breach

October 7, 2014

"You don't know why, but you still try/For the world you wish to see," Jackson Browne sings on "Standing in the Breach," the title track to his 14th album of new material and his first in six years. It's a characteristic sentiment, one that reaches...

Song Review

"The Birds of St. Marks"

August 21, 2014

Browne wrote this ballad in 1967, when he was 18 and returning to California near the end of his period in New York playing guitar with Nico. He recorded a demo in 1970, but he’s finally officially releasing the song on his new LP. Against gentle...

Album Review

Time The Conqueror

October 2, 2008

After spending the late part of last year stumping for John Edwards, Jackson Browne continues to address the frustration, outrage and heartbreak over the Bush administration on his new album. Time the Conqueror finds him protesting with typical directness...

Album Review

Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1

October 20, 2005

Culled from the best takes of three years' worth of concerts, Solo Acoustic Vol. 1 finds Jackson Browne delivering tender takes from his deep catalog -- completely stripped of their Seventies-era excess production. Browne is in fine voice as he digs out...

Album Review

The Naked Ride Home

September 25, 2002

From the cool romanticism of 1993's I'm Alive to the textured ruminations of 1996's Looking East, Jackson Browne has explored, with a sense of flash that answers only to itself, just how far a polished singer-songwriter can go. The Naked Ride Home stays...

Album Review

I'm Alive

November 11, 1993

In the early '70s, there was no need to distinguish the cowboys from the rockers, primarily because the cowboys were the rockers — longhaired desert poets with guitars and a moody, self-focused bent to their lyrics. In those days, artists like Jackson...

Album Review

Lives In The Balance

April 10, 1986
Not Rated

Jackson Browne wants to know what went wrong. Like several other platinum American rockers who came of age in the late Sixties — Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar Mellencamp and Don Henley are all his contemporaries — he's seen the heady activism...

Album Review

Hold Out

September 4, 1980
Not Rated

Everything that's right and everything that's wrong about Hold Out, Jackson Browne's first studio album since The Pretender (1976), can be found in its climax: the spoken confession at the end of the last cut, "Hold On Hold Out." Eight minutes long, "Hold...

Album Review

The Pretender

January 27, 1977
Not Rated

Like most performers who transcend their genre, Jackson Browne often seems more a symbol than an artist. Singer songwriter fans find in him the fulfillment of the style's promise: Browne's songs really do merge poetic vision and rock. But there are also...

Album Review

For Everyman

November 22, 1973
Not Rated

For inwardly panoramic songwriting of an apocalyptic bent, Jackson Browne's second album is rivaled only by his first (the second one wins), and Jackson himself is rivaled by nobody. His work is a unique fusion of West Coast casualness and East Coast...

Album Review

Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne

April 1, 2014

Jackson Browne's first three LPs alone, which source half this illuminating double-CD covers set, are singer-songwriter urtexts. Don Henley offers a no-frills take on "These Days," Lucinda Williams does a raggedly existential "The Pretender"...

Album Review

Solo Acoustic Volume 2

March 20, 2008

Like 2005's Vol. 1, this reflective journey through Jackson Browne's catalog restores him to his coffeehouse roots — and to splendideffect. Once again, the performances are live — drawn fromconcerts around the world — and unadorned....

Album Review

The Very Best Of Jackson Browne

April 19, 2004

During the 1970s, Jackson Browne was it — a boyishly handsome SoCal icon whose critically admired hit albums spoke to listeners with unparalleled intimacy. The first half of this two-disc retrospective, drawing on Browne's five 1970s LPs and paced...

Album Review

Looking East

February 2, 1998

With the death knell tolling for classic rock, some of our most beloved dinosaurs may begin resorting to desperate and potentially embarrassing measures to seem hip. But not Jackson Browne, bless his heart. He even looks the same as he did 20 years ago:...

Album Review

World In Motion

July 13, 1989

This kind of good-conscience pop is always the toughest to pull off. Jackson Browne's most endearing and enduring qualities — the eternal boyish yearning in his voice, the genial and folkish warmth of his writing, the quiet intensity and romantic...

Album Review

Lawyers In Love

September 29, 1983

Hard cases make bad law, lawyers like to say, and no rock & roll case is harder to pin down than Jackson Browne. For many listeners, Browne is the quintessential guilty pleasure, a navel-gazing singer/songwriter whose moony ruminations and hokey melodies...

Album Review

Running On Empty

March 9, 1978
Not Rated

As our finest practicing romantic, Jackson Browne has been stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again for so long that the road probably looks like a realistic way of life to him. Whether or not he knows it, he's been writing about highways and...

Album Review

Late For The Sky

November 7, 1974
Not Rated

Like Browne's two previous albums, Late for the Sky contains no lyric sheet. The three or four hours required to make a full transcription will, however, be well worth the effort for anyone interested in discovering lyric genius. I can't think of another...

Album Review

Jackson Browne

March 2, 1972
Not Rated

It's not often that a single album is sufficient to place a new performer among the first rank of recording artists. Jackson Browne's long-awaited debut album chimes in its author with the resounding authority of an Astral Weeks, a Gasoline Alley, or...