Fugazi to Issue Their 'First Demo'

August 11, 2014

Although post-hardcore trailblazers Fugazi have been enjoying a lengthy hiatus since their last gig in 2002, the band is putting out its first studio-recorded release in over a decade later this year. The catch is that they recorded the release, First...


D.C. Who? 5 New Names for the Washington Redskins

June 18, 2014

If boycotts, Congressional hearings or basic human decency weren't enough to convince Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder that it was time to change his team's name, perhaps Wednesday's decision by the U.S. Patent Office will do the trick. U.S. Patent...


Margin Walkers: The Best of Fugazi

April 29, 2014

Searing guitars, angular rhythms, scream-sung vocals: No band makes a righteous racket like Fugazi. Here's a collection of forward-thinking post-punk from D.C.'s incendiary indie-rockers. 



Ian MacKaye Approves Urban Outfitters' Minor Threat Apparel

July 31, 2013

Minor Threat shirts are now on sale at Urban Outfitters for a cool $28, and frontman Ian MacKaye is fine with it. The hardcore punk tastemaker (who also fronts Fugazi) told Washington City Paper that the store's shirts for the Eighties punks are licensed,...



Fugazi Launch Digital Concert Archive

November 28, 2011

Defunct punk legends Fugazi will launch an online archive on December 1st featuring over 800 complete concerts recorded between 1987 and 2003. The archive will open with 130 shows available for purchase for a suggested price of $5 each, though fans will...


Wugazi's '13 Chambers': A Track-by-Track Breakdown

July 13, 2011

With their Wugazi mash-up project, Midwestern producers Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy pay sharp tribute to two iconic acts, punk titans Fugazi and hip-hop superheroes the Wu-Tang Clan. While Fugazi's staunch separation from the traditional music machine...


Album Review

The Argument

November 13, 2001

Those who refuse to learn from rock history are doomed to watch its repetition in kicky fad form, its intentions misunderstood and its inheritors mutated beyond recognition. So little wonder that D.C.'s hardcore muse and former minuteman Ian MacKaye bears...


Album Review

End Hits

June 1, 1998

"Committed to excellence." This phrase blares out ironically from the jacket art inside Fugazi's sixth album, End Hits. On the one hand, it's the kind of generic corporate slogan these politically righteous postpunkers mock; on the other, it's truth in...

Album Review

Red Medicine

February 2, 1998

Fugazi have never been quite as one-dimensional as their critics would have it. On their first full-length album, 1990's Repeater, the D.C. quartet reinvented the sound of American hardcore. They wailed their emotionally charged political diatribes in...


Album Review

In On The Kill Taker

September 30, 1993

In 1979, the Clash advertised themselves as "the only band that matters"; in 1993, that claim belongs to Fugazi. In an age of corporate-sponsored "alternative" music, Fugazi are the real deal. Remaining staunchly independent, Fugazi manage to sell in...