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Clapton and Beck: The Long and Winding Road

March 4, 2010

ON A BITTERLY COLD MORNING IN THE FIRST WEEK of the new year, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are stretched out on a pair of sofas in front of a crackling fire in the living room of Beck's country home in Wadhurst, England, a Tudor house built in 1591 and...


The Epic Life of Carlos Santana

March 16, 2000

His meditation spot is in front of the fireplace. On Carlos Santana's property in San Rafael, California, about twenty minutes north of San Francisco, there are two buildings. The house closer to the water is where the family lives: Santana, his wife,...


Eric Clapton: Living on Blues Power

April 29, 1993

Thirtysomething years ago a teenage Eric Clapton was toting his acoustic guitar from pub to pub in London and nearby towns such as Kingston, playing and singing what was then called "folk blues'' for drinks and pocket change. His idols were Big Bill Broonzy,...


Ron Wood: Rolling Stones Are Born, Not Made

November 3, 1977

He looks like he was drawn by the cartoonist Walter Lantz. The topknot isn't red; it's black. But he moves with a swagger, a cocky strut, and he has an appropriately manic giggle. What I mean is, no matter what his name, he'd still be known as Woody. The...


Guitar Gods

April 1, 1999

In his first Rolling Stone interview, published in March 1968, Jimi Hendrix described the moment that changed his life forever: "The first guitarist I was aware of was Muddy Waters. I heard one of his old records when I was a little boy, and it scared...


Pete Townshend: The Who's Final Days

June 24, 1982

Pete Townshend has met the enemy – and recognized the bleary eyes staring back at him across the chasm of the last two decades as his own. Townshend and his band, the Who, were the subject of a story in the first issue of Rolling Stone, and over...


What's Deaf, Dumb & Blind and Costs $3.5 Million? 'Tommy!'

April 10, 1975

Tommy is greater than any painting, opera, piece of music, ballet or dramatic work that this century has produced." This is what the hypesters at Columbia Pictures' publicity mill came up with recently. "They get carried away, you know," said Tommy's...