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Flashback: Waylon Jennings Cheats Death

February 3, 2015

The day the music died. That's how songwriter Don McLean memorialized February 3rd, 1959, in his 1972 single, "American Pie," an epic, eight-minute music history lesson that begins with a reference to the plane crash that killed musicians Buddy Holly,...


Willie Nelson's Braids Sell for $37,000 at Auction

October 8, 2014

In one of the more unusual music-related items to hit the auction block since John Lennon's tooth, Willie Nelson's trademark braids were sold to the highest bidder for $37,000. Nelson's braids were just one of over 2,000 items up for sale at an auction...


Not Fade Away: The Best of Buddy Holly

May 6, 2014

In just a few years, Buddy Holly wrote more memorable licks — and recorded more hummable hits — than most rockers get in their entire lives. Here are some rollicking numbers and sweet serenades from the gone-too-soon boy wonder....


Week in Rock History: Janet Jackson Has a Wardrobe Malfunction

January 30, 2012

This week in rock history, Buddy Holly's plane crashed, Karen Carpenter passed away, Paul Simon's infamous musical opened on Broadway, Janet Jackson had one hell of a "wardrobe malfunction" and R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to child pornography. February...


Buddy Holly's Widow Embraces Wave of Tributes

September 2, 2011

When he began assembling a lineup of singers to pay tribute to Buddy Holly for what would have been the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's 75th birthday, producer Peter Asher hadn't heard that a similar project was underway. Rave On Buddy Holly, a tribute...


Exclusive Download: Brian Wilson Covers Buddy Holly

August 19, 2011

Click here to listen to Brian Wilson's cover of Buddy Holly's "Listen to Me" Brian Wilson's interpretation of Buddy Holly's classic song "Listen to Me" is a gorgeous merger of Holly's simple, direct melodic phrasing and Wilson's distinct arrangement...


Exclusive Stream: Paul McCartney Wails on Buddy Holly's 'It's So Easy'

May 23, 2011

Buddy Holly was one of the Beatles' biggest influences, a pioneer whose simple tunes and insane two-year hot streak inspired John Lennon and Paul McCartney to start writing their own songs. So it's no shock McCartney contributed to Rave On, a giant sundae...


Patti Smith, Vampire Weekend Pay Tribute to Buddy Holly at Tibet House Benefit

February 4, 2009

On February 3rd, 1959, China invaded Tibet, sending the Dalai Lama into exile in India. That same day, halfway across the world, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson were killed in a plane crash in Iowa. Both anniversaries...


My Favorite Reissues: The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach

December 25, 2008

Norman Petty, Get Ready to Fly and Now Hear This! Garage and Beat From the Norman Petty Vault(Big Beat). Get Ready to Fly is Sixties psych pop, Now Hear This! is garage rock, and they both blow my mind. Norman Petty was a producer-engineer with a studio...


Gnarls Barkley Cover Radiohead, Channel Buddy Holly

August 4, 2008

Two years ago, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" was the toast of Lollapalooza and covered by multiple performers. This time, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse returned the favor. Saluting 2008's most adored act, the twosome pulled off a brilliant rendition of Radiohead's...


Buddy Holly's Guitarist Dies

April 8, 2004

Guitarist Niki Sullivan, who played rhythm guitar and sang background vocals in Buddy Holly's Crickets, died on April 6th; he was sixty-six. Born in Southgate, California, Sullivan and his family eventually found their way to Lubbock, Texas, where he...


Buddy Holly Songs Get Country Spin

August 19, 2014

Buddy Holly's influence on generations of rock and country musicians has inspired various tribute projects in the 55 years since his death. On September 7th, on what would have been his 78th birthday, the Texas-born legend will be recognized with the...


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Adds Six Backing Groups to 2012 Class

February 9, 2012

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will make up for past oversights at this year's induction ceremony by admitting the backing groups of six first-generation rock stars. The honored groups include the Blue Caps (Gene Vincent), The Comets (Bill Haley), the...


Buddy Holly Tribute Concert Brings Out Stars

September 8, 2011

Last night, on what would have been Buddy Holly's 75th birthday, some of music's biggest names celebrated the late singer at a tribute concert at Hollywood's Music Box. The show brought out a cross-generational, multi-genre array of rock and country...


Exclusive Album Stream: Stars Salute Buddy Holly on 'Listen to Me'

September 2, 2011

Click to listen to the 'Listen To Me: Buddy Holly' album Listen to Me: Buddy Holly celebrates what would have been the 75th birthday of the late rock icon with covers of his best-loved hits by superstars such as Stevie Nicks, Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr,...


All-Star Rockers Salute Buddy Holly

July 7, 2011

When Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959, he was just 22 years old and had been writing and recording songs for only about two years. But that music – including immortal hits like "Not Fade Away" and "Peggy Sue" – has had an incalculable...


The Last Days of Buddy Holly

February 5, 2009

It would go down in history as rock & roll's Tour From Hell: the Winter Dance Party of 1959 that took place exactly 50 winters ago in February. As their heat-deprived yellow converted Baptist-school tour bus went slipping and sliding in subarctic...


Not Fade Away: Remembering Buddy Holly on the 50th Anniversary of His Death

January 30, 2009

Next Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary of the plane crash that claimed the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson. In the current issue of Rolling Stone, Holly's friends, family and fellow musicians remember an artist...


James Taylor to Release "Covers" Album

August 5, 2008

James Taylor will release an album of covers, mysteriously titled Covers, on September 30th via Hear Music. Taylor will perform renditions of songs that span several decades, including a pair of Leiber-Stoller tunes ("Hound Dog" and "On Broadway"), Leonard...


Buddy Holly Not Fading Away

September 3, 2004

In April, Buddy Holly's brothers Larry and Travis; his former bandmates Tommy Allsup, Larry Welborn and Carl Bunch; and members of his twang-rock disciples the Flatlanders and the Mavericks gathered in Azle, Texas, to record Stay All Night -- Buddy Holly's...