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Bob Dylan Unleashed

September 27, 2012

I'm trying to explain something that can't be explained," says Bob Dylan. "Help me out." It's a midsummer day, an hour or so before evening, and we are seated at a table on a shaded patio, at the rear of a Santa Monica restaurant. Dylan is dressed warmer...


Elton John on Playing With Kanye, Hanging With Dylan and Filling His Baby's iPod

February 2, 2011

For the cover story of the new issue of Rolling Stone Elton John sat down with Austin Scaggs for a career-spanning conversation. Here are some key moments from the interview. (To read the whole interview pick up a new copy of Rolling Stone, or sign up...


The Genius and Modern Times of Bob Dylan

September 7, 2006

I don't really have a herd of astrologers telling me what's going to happen. I just make one move after the other, this leads to that." Is the voice familiar? I'm sitting in a Santa Monica seaside hotel suite, ignoring a tray of sliced pineapple and sugar-dusty...


Dylan: On Recapturing 'Highway 61' and Touring with Tom Petty

July 17, 1986

It is just past midnight, and Dylan is standing in the middle of a crowded, smoke-laden recording studio tucked deep into the remote reaches of Topanga Canyon. He is wearing brown-tinted sunglasses, a sleeveless white T-shirt, black vest, black jeans,...


Bob Dylan: The Rolling Stone Interview, Part 2

November 16, 1978

On the evening of September 15th, the Boston Red Sox were in New York City trying to get back into first place. In New Orleans, just before Muhammad Ali made his comeback, TV commentator Howard Cosell introduced the fighter by quoting from the song "Forever...


Bob Dylan: The Rolling Stone Interview

January 26, 1978

We were driving down Sunset Boulevard – Christmastime in L.A. – looking for a place to eat, when Bob Dylan noticed Santa Claus, surrounded by hundreds of stuffed, Day-Glo animals, standing and soliciting on the street. "Santa Claus in the...


Bob Dylan: The Poet's Poet

March 14, 1974

Memory is a beautiful thing — as I get older I learn to cherish it. It seems so beautiful or ugly that it is often more than real. Sometimes the vision is lit up with imagination; sometimes the imaginings have the shapes of real acts and gestures...


Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography, Part Two

March 16, 1972

Setting off on a cross-country motoring trip, Bob Dylan's entourage drove through the Holland Tunnel and onto the New Jersey Turnpike on the morning of February 2nd, 1964 — Dylan himself, Daily Mirror writer Pete Karman, mindguards Paul Clayton...


Bob Dylan in the Alley: The Alan J. Weberman Story

March 4, 1971

The coast looks clear for a fine afternoon among the garbage. Macdougal Street is almost empty of passers-by. The lights at Bob Dylan's house are off, indicating no one is home. Even the New York Sanitation Department is cooperating in its own inimitable...


Bob Dylan Talks: A Raw and Extensive First Rolling Stone Interview

November 29, 1969

They say Bob Dylan is the most secretive and elusive person in the entire rock & roll substructure, but after doing this interview, I think it would be closer to the point to say that Dylan, like John Wesley Harding, was "never known to make a foolish...


The Beginnings of the Band: Getting Started, Meeting Bob Dylan, and 'Music From Big Pink'

August 24, 1968

NEW YORK — Big Pink is one of those middle class ranch houses of the type that you would expect to find in development row in the heart of suburbia rather than on an isolated mountaintop high above the barn architecture of New York State's rustic...


Bob Dylan's Late-Era, Old-Style American Individualism

May 14, 2009

On April 7th, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, stroll into the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Nobody in the sold-out auditorium, however, pays the First Couple much attention. Bob Dylan, who in 1990 was named a...


Bob Dylan, at 60, Unearths New Revelations

November 22, 2001

That night in Switzerland," says Bob Dylan, "it all just came to me. All of a sudden I could sing anything. There might've been a time when I was going to quit or retire, but the next day it was like, 'I can't really retire now because I really haven't...


Bob Dylan, Recovering Christian

June 21, 1984

On a typically soggy March mess of a day in Manhattan, Bob Dylan, wearing black jeans, biker boots and a white sport coat over a white T-shirt, sat slouched on a stool at the far end of a small downtown studio. The crowd of cameramen, lighting technicians,...


Bob Dylan as Filmmaker: 'I'm Sure of My Dream Self. I Live in My Dreams'

January 26, 1978

We were driving down Sunset Boulevard — Christmastime in L.A. — looking for a place to eat, when Bob Dylan noticed Santa Claus, surrounded by hundreds of stuffed, Day-Glo animals, standing and soliciting on the street. "Santa Claus in the...


On the Road With Bob Dylan and Joan Baez

January 15, 1976

Backstage at the Rolling Thunder Revue, Allen Ginsberg (who has just dedicated his book of First Blues to "Minstrel Guruji Bob Dylan") asks the convener of these revels, these winds of the old days, "Are you getting any pleasure out of this, Bob?" The...


Knockin' on Bob Dylan's Door

February 14, 1974

We are in Toronto, the third stop of the Bob Dylan tour. Locked in by snow and still locked out, so far, from the inner circles of Dylan and the Band, I'm reduced to television in my hotel room. I choose Channel 6 and get Channel 79, where a newsy-talk...


Bob Dylan: An Intimate Biography, Part One

March 2, 1972

Following is the first of two lengthy excerpts from Anthony Scaduto's authoritative biography of Bob Dylan, to be published by Grosset & Dunlap on February 29th. Together, the two Rolling Stone segments add up to a total of approximately 35,000 words,...


Lennon Remembers, Part One

January 21, 1971

This interview took place in New York City on December 8th, shortly after John and Yoko finished their albums in England. They came to New York to attend to the details of the release of the album, to make some films, and for a private visit. Those...


Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stone Interview

October 12, 1968

Although one of the most philosophically oriented and intelligent performers around today, Mick Jagger is also one of the most laconic. Since the departure of Andrew Oldham from the affairs of the Rolling Stones, the burden of directing the affairs of...