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Acoustic at the Ryman

February 11, 2014

Band of Horses have always had a folkie core, but it's usually been hidden beneath layers of Nineties guitar noise on their four studio albums. Acoustic at the Ryman, recorded at the historic Nashville venue over two nights last April, replaces the fuzz...

Album Review

Mirage Rock

September 25, 2012

Someone lit a fire under Band of Horses' porch. The quintet usually specialize in beard-y reverie, somewhere between Built to Spill's guitar majesty and Seventies AM folk of America. But the Horses rough things up on Mirage Rock, from the "Brown Sugar"...

Album Review

Cease to Begin

October 18, 2007

For those who prefer their indie rock with a big dose of beauty, look no further than South Carolina's Band of Horses. Like their equally crystalline debut, Cease to Begin is long on dreamlike, rootsy songs that top churning guitars with glacially pretty,...

Song Review


November 1, 2010

Months after Cee Lo covered their slow-burn gem "No One's Gonna Love You," Band of Horses step out of their bearded comfort zone with a charged-up version of the Lady Killer's homage to his home state. It's an indie-rock pep rally — backed...

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Wild Honey

February 24, 1968
Not Rated

The fact that the Beach Boys are apparently formally back on the Capitol label, rather than on their own label ("Brothers Records" which was distributed by Capitol), is a good clue to the direction of their latest album. They have retrenched musical forces...