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Steven Tyler Plays Countrified Aerosmith Hits at NYC Gig

September 11, 2015

A rejuvenated Steven Tyler took center stage Thursday night at the Melrose Ballroom in Long Island City, Queens, draped in his signature hippie-pirate couture. The intimate set that followed showcased the direction of the Aerosmith frontman's forthcoming...

Live Review

Aerosmith Recapture Bar-Band Roots at Crowd-Pleasing Gig

July 29, 2015

Two thirds of the way through a varied and charmingly scraggly set spanning four decades of blues-informed rock and glam-saturated power pop, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler uttered something a little dangerous. Well, dangerous for any band...

Song Review

"Love Lives"

October 14, 2010

Tyler recorded his first solo single for Space Battleship Yamato, a Japanese sci-fi film set in 2199. But the song is stuck in 1997: It's a ballad with an orchestral sound so big you can see spaceships explode while lovers em- brace. It's no "Dream...

Album Review

Just Push Play

March 16, 2001

New century, same old Aerosmith. Same five guys. Same iron-boned riffs and crack-the-sky choruses. Same dripping-body-juice metaphors, too, like this fragrant spoonful from "Drop Dead Gorgeous," on the band's thirteenth studio album, Just Push Play: "Creme...

Album Review

Get a Grip

May 13, 1993

If you wanna hang loose, baby, get a grip." When Steven Tyler delivers this bit of wisdom on the title track of Aerosmith's fifteenth album, it seems plausible enough. Or maybe it's just impossible to argue with this screaming siren and his crew when...

Album Review

Permanent Vacation

October 22, 1987
Not Rated

Although Aerosmith was slagged for nearly two decades as sloppy Stones seconds, the band was finally given hip vindication last year by Run-D.M.C. And what the critics don't know, the little boys understand — Aerosmith is probably the most influential...

Album Review

Rock in a Hard Place

December 4, 1981
Not Rated

As the title of this album makes clear, Aerosmith is caught between a rock and a hard place. In the three years since the group's last studio album, Night in the Ruts, a minor revolution has taken place in heavy rock, and its insistence on hard, fast...

Album Review

Live Bootleg

January 25, 1979
Not Rated

With the passage of time, even the truly monstrous becomes bearable, maybe even enjoyable in a perverse sort of way. On their first record in 1973 Aerosmith came on like a really dumb heavy-metal band with borrowed Led Zeppelin chops and a lead singer...

Album Review


July 29, 1976
Not Rated

Whether or not Rocks is hot depends on your vantage point. If your hard-rock tastes were honed in the Sixties, as this band's obviously were, Aerosmith is a polished echo of Yardbirds' guitar rock liberally spiced with the Stones' sexual swagger. If you're...

Album Review

Get Your Wings

June 6, 1974
Not Rated

Maintaining an agile balance between Yardbirds- and Who-styled rock and Seventies heavy metal, Aerosmith's second album surges with pent-up fury yet avoids the excesses to which many of their peers succumb. The music of the five-member group contains...

Album Review

Music From Another Dimension!

November 6, 2012

And just like that, Steven Tyler's solo career seems like a strange dream we all had. The Aerosmith reunion album is the first collection of new tunes the bad boys from Boston have managed since 2001. Nobody knows why Aerosmith can't seem to do anything...

Album Review

Honkin' on Bobo

April 15, 2004

Of the many reasons why middle-class white boys such as Eric Clapton and Aerosmith flocked to the music of older, impoverished black men in the 1960s and early 1970s, here is one of the best: The great bluesmen were also great pop songwriters. Robert...

Album Review

Nine Lives

February 21, 1997

The song titles and lyrics on their new album may suggest otherwise, but there are at least a few clichés that the guys in Aerosmith can't be bothered with — "aging gracefully," for instance. On Nine Lives, the band's first studio effort...

Album Review


October 19, 1989

Aerosmith continues its winning streak. Pump, the follow-up to 1987's Permanent Vacation, slams one point home with particular force: that the renewed vigor displayed by the band on Permanent Vacation wasn't just a fluke. While Permanent Vacation was...

Album Review

Done With Mirrors

December 5, 1985
Not Rated

PMRC to the contrary, heavy metal is not an inherently noxious influence on young children. At its best, heavy metal acts as a genuine voice for a community that hasn't yet developed its own. But Aerosmith's unawaited reunion LP, Done with Mirrors, is...

Album Review

Night in the Ruts

February 7, 1980
Not Rated

The first song on Aerosmith's seventh album is called "No Surprize," and that about sums up Night in the Ruts. After some tentative attempts to expand its basic jock-rock sound with mandolins, banjos and an occasional female backup vocal on its last studio...

Album Review

Draw the Line

March 9, 1978
Not Rated

Since Aerosmith's name and logo don't even appear on the outer sleeve of Draw the Line, someone obviously feels rather secure about the band's position in the hard-rock sweepstakes. The group is famous now — that's the message transmitted by Abe...

Album Review

Toys In The Attic

July 31, 1975
Not Rated

Aerosmith, a five-piece Boston hard-rock band with almost unlimited potential, can't seem to hurdle the last boulder separating it from complete success. Like Toys in the Attic, their two previous LPs have had several stellar moments which were weakened...