Walking on Air

  • Walking on Air
  • Mt Eden
  • Ultra

"Cinematic" is as much a part of EDM's musical lexicon as "drop," and Mt Eden – New Zealand dubsteppers Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner – know it as well as anyone. Walking on Air, the duo's second EP, is as widescreen bombastic as a Hans Zimmer score; the splashy, gothy chorus of "Airwalker" beats its chest like Celine Dion at the Oscars. Not that they neglect drops: "Chasing" features low-end convulsions so over-the-top they're funny. But when Mt Eden ditch the vocals, they sound playful as well as anthemic: "Flipmode" floats by on strings, and "Drive" blends cellos into its moody-Moroder atmosphere.

From The Archives Issue 1186: July 4, 2013