Titus Andronicus: Local Business

Glen Rock, New Jersey's Titus Andronicus may be the most ambitious punk band in America. On 2010's The Monitor, they wrapped an epic breakup record around a Civil War conceit. Their third disc is a hilarious gut-wrenching mess that relocates the Replacements and Thin Lizzy at their most bracing and bighearted to the suburban skate-park diaspora – all centered around Patrick Stickles' glass-half-smashed existentialism. This is a band that titles its big anthem "Still Life With Hot Deuce on Silver Platter" and drops a nine-minute swaying-drunk processional called "Tried to Quit Smoking," where Stickles sings, "But I made my bed/Now we're fucking in it." It's a big bed.

Listen to Local Business: