What Is J.J. Abrams' 'Stranger' Teaser?

The internet is buzzing with theories about this mysterious project

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So what's the deal with J.J. Abrams' mysterious new trailer?

Earlier today, the filmmaker's Bad Robot production company posted this brooding, black and white clip titled "Stranger." The barely minute-long teaser features provocative images of a man untying his rope-bound wrists near a river bed, climaxing with a dramatic zoom-in on a face with its lips sewn shut.

The internet is buzzing with theories about the identity of the project. Over at Entertainment Weekly, resident pop-culture aficionado Jeff Jensen offered five possible explanations. One popular theory is that the clip is a promo for Believe, an upcoming TV project from Abrams and Children of Men director Alfonso Cuaron; Jensen also (half-jokingly) teases that the trailer could be a promo for the new Abrams-directed Star Wars film, or even a spin-off of the popular mystery-drama Lost (which Abrams co-created).

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Whatever the clip may be, it's certainly magnetic. The intense visuals are accompanied by a haunting piano score (possibly arranged by Abram collaborator Michael Giacchino); a deep voice provides a brief narration.

"He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon he will know," the voice says. "Because what begins at the water shall end there – and what ends there once more begin. This is what happens: Men become lost; men vanish; men are erased and reborn."

Fans are currently speculating about the clip and its meaning on Twitter.