Travers: 'Broken City' Can't Be Fixed

New political thriller starts with intrigue but ends illogical and melodramatic


Like Gangster Squad last week, Broken City, Peter Travers' selection for this week's At the Movies, features an all-star cast in a unbelievably crummy movie. The film, directed by Allen Hughes, stars Russell Crowe as the mayor of New York, who hires an ex-cop turned private eye (Mark Wahlberg) to find out whether his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is having an affair. Though the film's plot starts out intriguing, it soon becomes completely illogical and morphs into an over-the-top melodrama – and don't even get Travers started on Crowe's look: "The Kardashians wouldn't spray-tan themselves as bad as Russell Crowe did," he rails. As Travers says, you know it's a bad week at the movies when Arnold Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand is the best movie opening.